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07-21-2022 - BBCode feature now available

BBcode is now an available feature for all DiscApps. This new feature can be enabled on the HTML permissions section of the security admin page. Additional information on what BBCode is and how to use it can be found here:

If you would like to try it out first, please feel free to check out the BBCode Test Forum.

Also with this latest release, posted image URLs will now be auto linked to display the image automatically (if possible). There have also been some additional updates behind the scenes to mitigate any random site slowness that had been infrequently popping up. Please see the Change log for a full list of updates.

07-11-2022 - Some small HTML rendering "bugs" worked out

Latest release fixes some very small HTML rendering bugs that most likely weren't noticeable except in some very small use cases. In any case, these should now be resolved. Full run down of changes can be found in the Change Log post.

06-13-2022 - Thread reply order is finally fixed.

The order of replies to threads has been an issue since the site launched. New replies were added to the bottom of their indentation level instead of the top. This has finally been addressed and is now fixed. The original way can still be enabled by setting the the reply order in the appearance maintenance page for your DiscApp if needed. As always, the full list of changes can be found in the Change Log.

04-03-2022 - New features for pinning and locking threads!

New release today with some new features that have been missing for a long time. Admins can now "pin" threads to the top of their DiscApps as well as lock threads so that they are read only. There have now also been updates to the reply email notifications so that they include a short preview of the message that replied to the user's post. Additional information can be found on the Change Log Post as well as any questions regarding these changes can be asked on the Support Forum Post.

03-21-2022 - Some more bug fix related updates

After the last news update, there have been a few releases to the site. Most of these changes have been mostly fixing some long standing bugs that I finally had some time to track down and fix. I also continued working on making sure the all the built in CSS style sheet options view correctly on mobile. As always, the full list of changes can be found on the Change Log page.

03-06-2022 - First new release for 2022

I just want to start this update with saying that it's now been over 2 years since this site has gone live! Today brings the first release of this year. In this release, there are the usual bug fixes/security updates but also some new features!

One of the best new features is that the site should hopefully be a bit more mobile/tablet friendly. (If you run into some issues, please let me know on the Help Forum).

Another new feature is for message board owners. Message board owners can now update user permissions from the thread edit administration page by clicking on a message instead of having to search for users on the security tab.

You can read the full rundown of the changes on the Change Log post.

09-15-2021 - New Feature Added: Sign in with Google

You can now sign into this site using your Google account with the new "Sign in with Google" button added to the login page. This is a service offered by Google to help make managing accounts easier for users. You can find more information about it from Google here. Of course, you can still always use your existing Disc App account or choose not to use this feature if you wish.

08-17-2021 - New bug fix release.

New release today with some additional bug fixes and security fixes here and there. No user facing changes in this release. If you would like to read the full list of what's changed, you can do so in the Change Log post here.

06-12-2021 - Small site update and new domain name

There has been a small site update which fixes a rare issue with the page view counting for message boards as well as adds paging to the application search results to the search function to the left of this news update if the results exceed 10 results.

There is also now a new domain name to access this site:

All original URLs will still continue to work and I don't plan on decommissioning them anytime in the near future. This new domain name was set up as I will soon be updating the email correspondence (account create, password resets, subscriptions, etc) to use the newly hosted email address at the new domain name instead of the existing one. If you are currently subscribed to a message board, please expect the "from" email address of your subscription to start coming from "" as of 07/01/2021.

Please use the Help Forum if you have any questions or concerns about these changes. Full information on this latest release can be found in the change log post.

05-27-2021 - New release with new features.

This new release has some new features for admins as well as a new feature for registered users. For admins, there is a new daily subscription mailing list option (all messages with preview) as well as the option to require that the author field is filled out for non-registered users. For registered users, they can now opt in/out of the instant reply notifications that get sent when their message gets replied to. The full list of changes as well as more information on these features can be found on the Release Notes on the Change Log Forum.

03-10-2021 - Another release just 10 days later.

I've completed another site release today, just 10 days after the previous one. Most of the changes are small fixes here and there but I did also add a preview option to the mailing list admin section so that you can preview your changes before saving them. Also, for users that are logged in, there is now a quick link off the home page to manage your Disc App. Full information can be found in the Change Log.

03-01-2021 - New release with some small updates.

The site has been updated with a new release which has some very small changes. One of those changes is that there are now links to the message boards under the "Manage Applications" page as well as the section that lists the applications that you moderate in the account settings section of the site. Previously these sections only contained administration links. The full list of changes can be found in the Change Log.

01-28-2021 - A New Year, A New Release.

In this new release, there's two new features added to the site. Now when a user creates a new message board, they will be emailed a message that contains URLs for their new message board, the maintenance page and more. This email also contains general information on how to use the admin section of the site. The other new feature added, is the ability for admins to upload their own favicon file for their message board instead of just being able to supply a URL to the image. More information can be found in the Change Log.

11-24-2020 - v1.6.0 Released

I wasn't actually expecting to have a release so soon after the last but things started rolling and I figured I might as well release the changes before we enter the Thanksgiving weekend. This latest release brings back the functionality of setting Disc App buttons to images instead of just text values if wanted. There are also some minor bug fixes and some security fixes added. The full list of changes can be found on the Change Log Forum.

10-20-2020 - New release and new features!

This new release has some new features added to the service. There is now an RSS feature for anyone who may want to subscribe to your DiscApp via an RSS reader. The configurations and URL to use can be found in the RSS section of your admin page. There is also an update to the appearance admin page for setting messaging when users have "hold" permissions set. You can now opt in or out to display a message to the user and you can also customize the message the user sees. There were many more fixes and changes included in this release. The full list can be found on the Release Change Log forum.

07-19-2020 - GitHub Arctic Vault and New Milestone

GitHub (where I host the source code for this site) created an time capsule that they sent to an archive near the North Pole with a ton of their public repositories. This site was lucky enough to make it into that time capsule. It's pretty neat to think that the source code for this site will exist for many years up by the North Pole.
Link to GitHub's Archive Project Site

Second bit of news is that this site has recently (7/7/19) passed it's one year milestone since programming started. We've been publicly live since late 10/19 and (knock on wood) things have been going pretty well since then!

04-21-2020 - New release and updated features.

New release of the Disc App software today which includes some additional admin features as well as some quality of life updates. There is also a new link (above if you're not currently already logged in) that allows new users to create a new account and their new message board on one form. Using this form, users can easily create their own new message board without having to navigate to the modify account page and add it after the user registration process.

Admins can now also check statistics older than 30 day in their maintenance page. Detailed information is only kept for 90 days but (as of this post) daily statistics are kept indefinitely.

Please post on the Help Forum to the left if you have any issues or questions about this latest release.

01-24-2020 - New Update. More features added.

New feature added so that administrators can flag their post as "Admin" posts if needed. Also, a phone number is no longer needed for DiscApp owner information.

CSS options for DiscApps are also updated. Admins can still select from the built in CSS options or supply an external URL for their CSS document but they can now also add their CSS page contents directly to the Appearance Maintenance page's configuration section. Here, admins can write their custom CSS without having to have it hosted elsewhere or try and fit any customizations in the header/prologue fields.

01-06-2020 - New Feature Update

New read thread history feature has been added for those who have a registered account. With this feature, if you are logged in, the message board will keep track of what threads you have read so that if you were to log in elsewhere, the threads you have read will still show up as read. This feature can be opted in by clicking the enable link in the account modify page.

There have also been some other bug fixes here and there as well as an improvement on the way that the instant reply notifications get sent out.

01-01-2020 - Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! Some bug fixes and features added!

Search feature on both the application side and administration section side have had an overhaul that will hopefully be more efficient and less taxing on the site. Search results are now paged in both.

Automatic email notifications when a thread is replied to feature has been added. With this feature, if an email address was provided in the message posted, when someone replies to it, you will receive an email notifying you someone has replied with a link to that reply. This feature can be turned off by admins in the mailing list configuration section of the their admin page under "Reply Notifications".

11-30-2019 - Mailing list subscription feature added

A new feature is now added to allow users to to subscribe to disc apps. Users can subscribe by either clicking the link at the bottom of a thread they're viewing or click on the subscribe checkbox while creating a new thread. Admins can also manage their mailing list settings on their administration page.

11-13-2019 - Updated with new site release

Updated to new site release to fix some bugs and add some new features. You can find a quick rundown of the issues with this link Here

11-09-2019 - Site email account issue resolved.

I was able to resolve the issue with the sites email address so now create account requests and password resets should process without any issues.

11-08-2019 - Account creations are showing failed on create even when successful

It appears that Gmail is now blocking our site from sending emails through our site's email account for some reason. The account creations are being created successfully but are returning a failure message due to the email issue. Im working to resolve the issue but in the meantime if you receive this error, it is most likely a false positive and should receive your account activation email from me within 24 hours.

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