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NE Disc App is a message board hosting service which was created as a replacement and tribute to the now closed YourWebApps discussion forums. After 20+ years, the original discussion app service was discontinued in October 2019. I decided to make a personal project to reverse engineer the original service and recreate it from scratch so that the legacy could live on for anyone interested.

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Latest Update: 01-26-2023 - New Feature: Image attachments to posts (testing)

I've been working on a new image upload feature for new posts and replies. It's not yet ready for release to all DiscussionApps but I have enabled it on the new Image Attachment Test Forum for anyone to try out. This new feature uses Imgur's image hosting APIs to store the images (no images are stored on this site). When an image is added to a post, it is uploaded to Imgur and then the image is linked to the new post. Please check out the test forum and try it out. Also, feel free to post any questions or issues you run into there or at the DiscussionApp Help Forum.

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