Erik_ Admin
Re: Viewing Old Disc App forums
Mon May 22, 2023 5:42pm

Hi Jon,

Welcome! Glad you found the site.

Yes, I can restore you DiscussionApp from the archive that you have as long as it is valid.

If you haven't already, please create a new account & DiscussionApp that can be used as a destination for your archive restore. You can do so using this form:

Once your account is created and activated, there will be a section in your DiscussionApp's admin page to 'Import/Export'. In here and under the 'Import Disc App' section, you can upload your archive.

If you have issues uploading the data that way, you can also send it directly to if you're comfortable doing that.

Once a copy of the archive is uploaded, I should be able to get the forum restored in a few days as long as there's no issues.

Please let me know if you have any issues creating an account or sending the archive to restore.

Thanks in advance!

  • Viewing Old Disc App forums - Jon Stevens, Mon May 22 2023 3:49pm
    I had a discussion app forum several years ago that included many WWII veterans who shared their memories about the war. I have the saved archive and was wondering how I would be able to view the postings?... more
    • File Name - Jonathan Stevens, Sat May 27 2023 1:35am
      I am looking for the file. What type of file(s) would it be? Jon
      • Re: File Name - Erik_Admin, Sat May 27 2023 1:46pm
        Hi Jon, The file should be a .sql file. If I remember correctly, the original backups filename would be named something along the lines of 'disc_#####.sql' where '#' was your indices number. ... more
    • Re: Viewing Old Disc App forums- Erik_Admin, Mon May 22 2023 5:42pm
      • Tarawa Talk - Jon Stevens, Mon May 22 2023 5:58pm
        Thanks Eric! Will work on this tonight. Jon