File Name
Sat May 27, 2023 1:35am

I am looking for the file. What type of file(s) would it be?


  • Viewing Old Disc App forums - Jon Stevens, Mon May 22 2023 3:49pm
    I had a discussion app forum several years ago that included many WWII veterans who shared their memories about the war. I have the saved archive and was wondering how I would be able to view the postings?... more
    • File Name- Jonathan Stevens, Sat May 27 2023 1:35am
      • Re: File Name - Erik_Admin, Sat May 27 2023 1:46pm
        Hi Jon, The file should be a .sql file. If I remember correctly, the original backups filename would be named something along the lines of 'disc_#####.sql' where '#' was your indices number. ... more
    • Re: Viewing Old Disc App forums - Erik_Admin, Mon May 22 2023 5:42pm
      Hi Jon, Welcome! Glad you found the site. Yes, I can restore you DiscussionApp from the archive that you have as long as it is valid. If you haven't already, please create a new account &... more
      • Tarawa Talk - Jon Stevens, Mon May 22 2023 5:58pm
        Thanks Eric! Will work on this tonight. Jon