NE Disc App Change Log
Release v3.3.0

Release Date: 2022-04-03

Changes in this release:
* Email response notification feature enhancement - additional reply details. enhancement
* Update dependencies to latest versions Task
* New users can register a blank username if it contains invalid characters. bug needed
* Application name can be set to blank if contains invalid characters after input sanitation . bug
* Posting from thread admin section should allow admins to set pinned and locked status at time of posting. enhancement
* New Feature: Threads should show the year if the entry is from previous year and using default date format without year. enhancement nice to have
* Deleting thread from thread admin does not update thread activity table. bug
* New Feature: Pinned Threads enhancement nice to have
* New Feature : Lock thread from thread admin page. enhancement nice to have
* New Feature: Option to opt out of email reply notifications for unregistered users. enhancement needed
* When subscribing to daily email, email address should be case insensitive. bug needed
* Add locking and pinning thread documentation to admin seciton (v3.3.1) documentation
* Pulling CSS from the configuration cache sometimes causes timeouts bug

There's a bunch of new features in this release. So much so, I've created a thread on the Support forum. Please feel free to check that thread for more information or post any questions you have regarding this release.