NE Disc App Change Log
Release v4.4.0 & Mailing List Extension Server v1.18

Release Date: 2023-07-22 (Updated: 2023-07-24)

Changes/bug fixes in release
* View read thread history should also show submitter and date in table.
* Get token call should accept current token in auth
* 4.4.0 Release Task: Disable admin report on internal notification service, enable on list server.
* 4.4.0 DB changes task: Update admin email report template in DB config as well as other new config changes. Task
* Add persisted email queue that can be pulled from using API endpoint.
* Reply notifications sent to outbound email queue should include template in content type
* Add ability to send instant reply notifications via list server instead of internal notifier.
* Thread maintenance view by date tab sorted by id instead of actual creation date. bug
* Image html tag on view images should have a css class so it can be configured by the user
* Mark internal notification service site admin and admin reports as deprecated
* Admin subscription email 'subscribers' and 'last subscription' links should point to mailing list subscribers tab.
* Admin Subscription email 'Send email reports' section is missing styling.
* Admin subscription email 'last entry' link should point to thread on disc edit page
* API endpoints for list server enhancement
* Task: Refactor subscription report services
* New Feature: View read thread history for logged in users enhancement
* Add API endpoint to unsubscribe
* Site Admin Application links should open in new tab
* Articles sitemap should use canonical url instead of query string one

List Server changes
* Template processor should not remove blank lines from body of templates with content type set to text/plain
* Get token call should used cached token in auth if exists
* Template improvements: Template syntax update to support subject and header values in template file. Templates generate whole email instead of just body.
* Improve statistics logging
* Outbound emails received with content-type set to 'application/discapp-template-email' should use subject to determine template and body JSON to set variables.
* Fixed emails that are failing to send due to invalid headers
* Potentially migrate instant reply notifications to list server enhancement
* Admin subscription email 'last entry' link should point to thread on disc edit page
* Admin Subscription email 'Send email reports' section is missing styling
* Long running task to pull from persistent email queue and send outbound emails.
* Module should have a start method that automatically sets up long running and scheduled tasks based on config file.
* Cached token should be shared between threads.
* Remove deprecated and now unused original EmailClient module and related code.
* Return to sender emails for subscriptions or instant reply should trigger an unsubscribe / reply notification disable

Mostly backend changes with interaction between main server and list server in an effort to offload email sending to the external server.

One new cool feature is the ability to view and remove read threads from user read thread history if it's currently enabled for an account.