NE Disc App Change Log
Release v4.4.1 & Mailing List Extension Server v1.22

Release date: 2023-08-02 (mailing list server updated: 2023-08-03)

Bugfixes/Changes in release
* All outbound emails should either be sent to outbound email queue or internal notification queue depending on configuration
* Site admin - add page for outbound email queue stats/info
* Daily subscription data api not sending application name variable.
* Site admin report via internal notification service should have configuration variable to disable in config file
* Site admin report : Update variables returned to match new template needs.
* Site admin - subscriber email stats table should be sorted by most recent stats at the top by default

Mailing list server changes:
* Create mapping of subscription type to template name
* Daily subscription email is setting wrong email address in unsubscribe link
* Add templates for the remainder of outbound emails
* DKIM validation is failing on sent emails
* Daily subscription url encoded to isn't getting set.
* Site admin report : Update list server stats section to reflect recent server changes
* Update logger config to handle UTF8 chars
* Outbound emails fail to send if utf-8 character is in the json body variables
* Get token call should used cached token in auth if exists
* Template processor should not remove blank lines from body of templates with content type set to text/plain

This release is more or less just some backend changes to further the integration with the new mailing list server as well as some bug fixes with previous mailing list related changes.