The Boyer lies...
Wed Apr 27, 2022 8:49

I was scrolling down the page, being new to this forum, and saw the name of Glenn Boyer...I wasted money years ago for the book “I Married Wyatt Earp”, saw the fake picture of Josie, and wondered what else were lies...The young woman, Kaloma??, was beautiful, but it couldn’t be Josie according to the date of the photo...Josie would have been much older in the 1900s...You all probably knew these things and more, but I’m still learning...Are there any good books about the Sutherland family and Urilla? I’d love to find one as there isn’t much information about them...
Thank you for reading...☮️ Jane

  • Glenn Boyer on RingoBob Cash, Sat Feb 19 2022 10:15
    One thing you need to be aware of when starting to research John Ringo is the role author Glenn Boyer played in spreading a fictional account of the death of Ringo. However, he presented it as historical... more
    • The Boyer lies... — AzGal, Wed Apr 27 2022 8:49
      • Another spat of Boyer posts.Randie O'Neal, Thu Apr 28 2022 10:52
        I always love to read through the remembrances of Boyer. They are always entertaining. Thanks guys!
    • total fabrication?B.J., Mon Feb 21 2022 18:10
      Actually IMWE was partially based on the so called 'Cason Manuscript' I personal estimate it represented up to 35% of the book. It was very incomplete so Boyer claimed the rest was based on his so called... more
      • Re: total fabrication?Bob Cash, Mon Feb 21 2022 21:02
        B.J., if you look at my post again, you'll see I was warning Karen about Boyer's fabricated account of Wyatt Killing Ringo. This did not appear t all in I MARRIED WYATT EARP, but was published several... more
        • Re: Re: total fabrication?B.J., Mon Feb 21 2022 22:10
          Years ago at one of the FoT/TTR events, one of the speakers was a Cason family member. He clearly acknowledged the parts of IMWE was in the actual Cason manuscript and what parts were not in the Cason... more
    • Glenn BoyerKaren M, Mon Feb 21 2022 6:13
      Thank you for sharing this - I had a cursory look and will read it through properly soon. I am vaguely aware of the controversy surrounding that fellow…his name seems like a 4 letter word in this field... more
      • Glenn was actually pretty funnyDan Brown, Tue Mar 01 2022 0:20
        There used to be some outstanding wordsmithing whenever Glenn showed up here or over at Terry Clanton's website. For a while he sort of had a corner on the Earp market. Thumb through the bibliographies... more
      • Re: Glenn BoyerB.J., Mon Feb 21 2022 10:06
        Boyer publicly accused his perceived adversaries of being homosexuals or communists (or both) ..... trying to steal his secret Wyatt Earp files. His stepson: danny boy is a bully but for reason he has... more
        • Re: Re: Glenn BoyerKaren M, Mon Feb 21 2022 12:47
          WOW. I had read somewhere something along the lines of he faked a bunch of information for his books, which he tried to pass off as real, thereby leaving legitimate historians to try untangle the mess... more
      • Re: Glenn BoyerPam Potter, Mon Feb 21 2022 7:27
        I suspect if one were to follow the philosophy of "if you can't say something nice about someone, don't say anything at all" there would be mostly silence about the man.
        • I'll give it a shotDan Brown, Wed Mar 02 2022 13:09
          Glen idolized Earp. Maybe it was Lake book or the movies or the TV show. He wrote pamphlets and books about Earp and the Tombstone stalwarts and probably made a little money and what was for him a lot... more
        • Re: Re: Glenn BoyerB.J., Mon Feb 21 2022 10:51
          Exposing fraudulent manuscripts and toxic diatribes is important per maintaining historical accuracy.
          • Re: Re: Re: Glenn BoyerWayne Sanderson, Mon Feb 21 2022 21:21
            My attitude about Boyer, having never met or communicated with the man is probably much the same as an art aficionado’s view is on an art forger- At best a grotesque curiosity, at worst a crook whose... more
            • Glenn may not have liked you eitherDan Brown, Tue Mar 01 2022 0:33
              As I recall, Glenn accused most of the men here as being dues paying members of the Peter Pan patrol. He didn't rightly care for the up and coming generation of western oriented historians asking him far... more
              • Wyatt Earp's Death Bed.......B.J., Tue Mar 01 2022 10:50
                ... was set up in a small guest house behind the so called Boyer 'ranch house'. The death bed was definitely the type of bed one would find in the 1920's California motor court hotels. However I have never... more
                • DibsErik, Fri Mar 11 2022 20:42
                  PIE? LOl...
                • Re: Wyatt Earp's Death Bed.......Dan Brown, Wed Mar 02 2022 7:58
                  I am highly impressed that Albert Behan would be able identify Earp's death bed. The pistol auctioned off as Earp's, after Boyer's death, had had its serial numbers filed off. I reckon Earp had some free... more
                • Truly bizarre, Billy.olds, Wed Mar 02 2022 7:07
                  But what in the name of Barnum is a "Boyer Cleric"? (I have my suspicions, but they aren't fit to mention in this forum.) Your story reminds me of another similar one about the Lizzie Borden... more
                  • Macabre Olds?B.J., Fri Mar 04 2022 23:18
                    I’m not sure if you would have asked to sleep in Wyatt Earp’s death bed? I think that any man asking for that particular accommodation would have been immediately assigned to Boyer’s gay alert radar... more
                    • What can I say?olds, Tue Mar 08 2022 5:50
                      I do my best work in the dark. Or so the rumor. No voodoux or seances though, at least that I can recall, but then, my powers of recollection, among so many other things, ain't what they used to be.
                      • You met Opraherik, Fri Mar 11 2022 21:01
                        I didn't. Some of my colleagues did. There was a fire in a senior care facility and, just like Wyatt Earp in Lake's book, they assisted in the safe evacuation of all the seniors. They were invited... more
              • I’m certain he wouldn’tWayne Sanderson, Tue Mar 01 2022 9:14
                Pretty sure he wouldn’t like me.
                • DependsDan Brown, Wed Mar 02 2022 12:51
                  Towards the end there he seemed desperate for attention and even approval. Sort of like he was cornered by his own shadow. It's possible that he would have pretended to like you. For your ears.