Dan Brown
I've heard worse...
Fri Nov 11, 2022 16:32

And seen it too. 71. Congratulations. The bad back, thinning hair, but yet you've retained your spry manner! As for your son's three marriages, you can tell him that I'm on his side. I've found it best to blame the ex for my failures, whether they deserve it not. Just a rule. And one I plan on keeping. Which brings to mind something someone I didn't like once told me: in life the one sure thing you have control over is your attitude." That really pissed me off. I do hope you enjoyed your birthday!

  • I fear thatolds, Thu Oct 27 2022 17:28
    "doing well" is in my rearview mirror at this point. 71 next month, can't hear a blessed thing out of my right ear, my lower back is little but one enormous bulging disc, the bald spot on the back of my... more
    • I've heard worse... — Dan Brown, Fri Nov 11 2022 16:32
      • Thanks, butolds, Sat Nov 12 2022 7:55
        I really dislike that word, "spry." It's only used to describe those of a certain age. Which age I am, I suppose, but who needs reminding, especially when my back reminds me by screaming at me every morning... more
        • Don't mention it...Dan Brown, Sun Nov 13 2022 12:40
          You're correct on both counts. I see now that spry was not the right word. It is something one is more likely to hear in a Canal Street boom-boom house just before the beginning of the third round.... more
    • Share away! You're a daisy if you do.harveycmd, Thu Oct 27 2022 17:44
      Sorry to hear about your ailments and son's problems. My own physical fitness isn't what it was eight-ten years ago, but I still exercise fairly rigorously, have all my hair (quite gray now), still happily... more
      • Jeff Moreysharon Cunningham, Fri Oct 28 2022 1:10
        Still lives in Cordova, TN, a Memphis 'burb, just a couple of hours south of me here on the famous Reelfoot Lake. We still correspond, in fact did so just this past week regarding a photo from a years-gone-by... more