Dan Brown
I always liked Ike's testimony best!
Sun Nov 13, 2022 11:59

Ike would have fit in well today. I'm not entirely sure where. Maybe in an all night donut shop in San Francisco. His testimony turned the page for a lot folks. It is far more impressive than Wyatt's written statement. Ike's version of events is where you should place your eyeglasses.
Therein lies the key.

  • skip to part two....Joyce A. Aros, Sat Nov 12 2022 8:20
    I understand your point but I think I did not make mine clear. I am fully aware Spicer could not incorporate the Inquest testimony into the Hearing testimony. I was trying to focus on how biased Spicer... more
    • I always liked Ike's testimony best! — Dan Brown, Sun Nov 13 2022 11:59
      • Dan/ Ike's testimony....Joyce A. Aros, Sun Nov 13 2022 13:58
        I think you are the first person I have talked with who saw Ike's testimony as interesting and even enlightening. I thought he handled himself quite well even though the Defense lawyer seemed so frustrated... more