Butch Badon
If the Clantons and their confederates
Thu Jan 05, 12:23

were such despicable characters, why is it they had so many friends in town (and please, butchers were a small percentage of the residents of Tombstone)? Even the pro-Earp Epitaph said the Clanton-McLaury funeral was one of the largest ever witnessed in Tombstone. What I am saying is I suspect the idea that the Cowboys "terrorized" the town was the ideology created by onlookers who wrote about the events many years after the fact. But that too is an opinion, not fact.

I have no doubt the Clantons were rustlers and not constructive citizens. But, in my opinion, they were no better or worse than the pimps and gamblers who opposed them. Tombstone would have been a better place without either faction.


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    • If the Clantons and their confederates — Butch Badon, Thu Jan 05 12:23
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