interested in Vaughn's account as well (nm)
Fri Jan 06, 9:47

  • Butch/ interesting...Joyce A. Aros, Fri Jan 06 7:21
    It is very difficult to get historical records at the AHS in Tucson anymore. The society is under-funded and so there is not always someone there. Also, the ones there are not the old-rimers who knew what... more
    • Yes, wellButch Badon, Fri Jan 06 14:29
      Tom has, in my experience, been a very giving person when it comes to helping others. Butch
    • interested in Vaughn's account as well (nm) — bfrey, Fri Jan 06 9:47
      • Butch & Bfrey/ ask Bj to...Joyce A. Aros, Fri Jan 06 11:00
        ask BJ if he can locate one of my posts in the past six months or so on the subject of Frank Vaughn. I am sure I posted the whole statement from Vaughn word for word at some recent time. My files are pretty... more