Across the Cimarron, by George Bolds
Tue Jan 17, 4:45

Thanks again ... listed under Horan ... no wonder I couldn't find it ... searching now, there was a Special Policeman William Bolds who served with, or under, Ben Daniels ... should have dug his book out ... thanks again, again

  • Across the Cimarron, by George BoldsRobert Buckley, Mon Jan 16 17:34
    Gobs, perhaps you are referring to George Bolds . Correct me if I’m wrong. ....George Bolds wrote a book called “ Across the Cimarron”.
    • Across the Cimarron, by George Boldsgobs, Tue Jan 17 4:59
      From that paragon of virtue Bill Tilghman’s “Prairie Queen”, care of another "legend", George W. Bolds This is a story that George W. Bolds told me. In Dodge City he was known as “Cimarron George.”... more
    • Across the Cimarron, by George Bolds — gobs, Tue Jan 17 4:45
    • Across the Cimarron, by George Boldsgobs, Tue Jan 17 4:28
      Thanks ... so that's the "Bolds" who Dr. Gary Roberts mentions in Episode 6? I wonder now, who's the "Bowles" on YouTube who talks about being a deputy in Dodge?
      • Bolds vs. BowlesRobert Buckley, Tue Jan 17 16:46
        Gobs, Ramon Adams gave his two cents on Bolds vs. Bowles. https://books.google.com/books?id=GlH9AqkCu0oC&pg=PA190&dq=george+bowles+dodge+city+ks&hl=en&newbks=1&newbks_redir=0&source=gb_mobile_sear... more
        • Bolds vs. Bowlesgobs, Wed Jan 18 4:21
          Robert ... thanks again ... will have to dig out [at least] my Ben Daniels book and delve further ... and then factor in seemingly contemporary misspellings ... I managed to find William Bowles in Shillingberg... more
          • I remember the excitement I felt at age 8 or 9 when I first read ACROSS THE CIMARRON and George Bolds' supposed memories of Wyatt and Bat. I believe it was within a couple of years that I read something... more
            • Bob ... found the Daniels book at the bottom of the piles upstairs and spotted one more tome ... there's a George Bolds, George W. Bolds and even "Tom Bold, noted desperado" from a NY paper in one of the... more