George Bolds and his memory of the Buntline Special
Fri Jan 20, 10:37

Bob ... jaded and cynical by the age of 11? ... I have the booklet but I found the same coverage in Lee Silva with his chapter on the Buntline ... meanwhile Miller & Snell call him William (Bill) Bowles [or Boles, like Black Bart] who was special policeman in 1884 ... there's also a story about the killing of Bing Choate (or H.B. Choate or K.B Schloat) by Dave St. Clair which bears a striking resemblance to the saving of Ben Daniels by a backshooter ... must find that Daniels book

  • I remember the excitement I felt at age 8 or 9 when I first read ACROSS THE CIMARRON and George Bolds' supposed memories of Wyatt and Bat. I believe it was within a couple of years that I read something... more
    • Bob ... found the Daniels book at the bottom of the piles upstairs and spotted one more tome ... there's a George Bolds, George W. Bolds and even "Tom Bold, noted desperado" from a NY paper in one of the... more
    • George Bolds and his memory of the Buntline Special — gobs, Fri Jan 20 10:37