Joyce A. Aros
Olds/ well, I am not really that...
Sat Feb 04, 6:31

...squeamish. When working cattle with my husband years ago I did learn that a wadded up bunch of dried grasses was as comfortable as you were going to get sometimes. We all survived quite well without feeling the need to be sterilized about everything and most of us rarely got all the common illnesses that are routine nowadays. Building up natural immunity was beneficial. I still have quite good health at 86, so I benefited in many ways.

...But Holliday would not be a constant companion if I had another choice. One has to give old Kate credit for his care. let's hope he appreciated it as well.

  • I believe I did, Joyce,olds, Fri Feb 03 17:13
    have to. Consider, it could have been far worse. I could have included a brief, capsule history of toilet paper as well (which wasn't widely available out West until the post-Civil War era), which is... more
    • Olds/ well, I am not really that... — Joyce A. Aros, Sat Feb 04 6:31
    • Well said, I wouldn't want to go too far backDan Brown, Fri Feb 03 18:41
      in time with out the booster shots.
      • Dan/ I understand your feelings...Joyce A. Aros, Sat Feb 04 6:33
        ...on the matter but then people like me feel that there is a limit to how much chemicals we want punched into our bodies; especially when we don't always know exactle what they consist of. To each hi... more
        • Re: Dan/ I understand your feelings...Dan Brown, Sat Feb 04 12:26
          I'm glad you understand my feelings, Joyce, but personally,I often suspect them of not being entirely on my side. So far as toxins go, it may be prudent to assume that we're already walking time bombs... more