Pam Potter
Boyer Wars
Wed Feb 08, 8:08

"It was the best of times, it was the west of times". The Boyer wars, as they played out on this forum were informative, mentally stimulating and cringe worthy. Maybe it was all necessary to expose fraud but it created a lot of hateful rhetoric. As a participant, I can say I learned a lot, about everything from how to evaluate historical references to how to keep it pithy when dealing with certain personality types. It became a game to try to "best" the other guy. That would not have been so bad if it didn't often deteriorate into name calling. I have got to say though that it was fun, stimulating and challenging. I think many of us, with the wisdom of additional years ,would now post with less venom. I can't blame those though that were personally hurt ,both privately and publicly by Boyer's false accusations. Fortunately, I stayed mostly under the radar. I made some good friends here and have had the pleasure of meeting many of them in person.

  • Re: You and Casey have the deep pleasure inB.J., Tue Feb 07 14:44
    This history forum was simply a conduit for the real history heavyweights, all of whom exposed Boyer. The above includes Jack Burrows, Casey Tefertiller, Jeff Morey, Gary Roberts and several others.... more
    • Boyer Wars — Pam Potter, Wed Feb 08 8:08
      • Well said, Pam.olds, Wed Feb 08 9:00
        I certainly posted some cringeworthy stuff, a lot of it actually, back in the day that I wish I hadn't. (Can I plead youth?) But you are correct, it was stimulating, despite the "venom." Unlike yourself,... more
        • Think of it as frontier justiceDon't Blame Me, Sat Feb 18 15:36
          Boyer supplied the rope, Terry the tree, and we just sort of kicked the chair. To Boyer's credit, he just took it in the wrong way.
      • Oopspam Potter, Wed Feb 08 8:10
        That should have read "worst" not west but hey considering the topic "west" kind of fits.