Dan Brown
Popularity isn't necessarily
Sun Feb 12, 23:16

the defining quality of one's work. The spirit of the piece might be a more accurate judge of value. Anyway you read the book, it can be honestly stated that you've done more for the Cowboys than anyone else.

  • bfrey/ attention please....Joyce A. Aros, Sat Feb 11 10:29
    ... Hi Bruce, back in December you had posted a question regarding the witnesses that were to have been presented in a Hearing against Holliday regarding the Benson stage debacle. Bartholomew's info... more
    • THANKSbfrey, Thu Apr 06 12:48
      Joyce, Been gone for awhile, but thanks for getting back to me. I really think there is a ultimate link to all this. Slaughter who is very reputable saw Holliday riding hard that night. The curious... more
    • Popularity isn't necessarily — Dan Brown, Sun Feb 12 23:16
    • Bartholomew is the .....Joyce A. Aros, Sun Feb 12 18:10
      ...only source of that particular information that I know of and it is almost impossible to check his many references. His listing is unreal. I thought I saw that name among the Prosecution lawyers' names... more
      • SourcePeter, Mon Feb 13 14:39
        That's not a primary source. That's a secondary source.
      • correction...Joyce A. Aros, Sun Feb 12 18:12
        ...Mitchel should be listed as a Defense lawyer, not Prosecution.
    • Frank MitchellPeter, Sun Feb 12 17:18
      What is your primary source in regards to claiming that Frank Mitchel (sic) was a lawyer working for the Earps and Holliday? Thanks Peter
    • Re: bfrey/ attention please....Peter Love, Sat Feb 11 19:03
      You shouldn’t stop writing if you have more to say Joyce. I haven’t got around to buying your last book but I will. I enjoyed your first two, which were thought-provoking.