Benjamin Harleman
Stuart Lake letter
Sat Feb 18, 23:59

Gobs and Robert,

Silva cites a letter from Stuart Lake saying that Danny Ferguson served with Wyatt as deputy sheriffs in Coeur d'Lane, so it sounds like that makes it a lock. However, I'm curious what Isenberg's source is. Did he have independent information or was he drawing on Fattig or Shillingberg's mention and then drawing his own conclusion? Either way, it does seem very likely that Daniel M Ferguson and Danny Miller are the same person. Further supported by Lake's mention that Danny had dropped the last name Ferguson and started going by Danny Miller. I'm sure there's more than one Danny Miller on the range, but as much as he seemed to be in the same places as Wyatt and at the same times, sure makes it seem like one guy with two names.

Stuart Lake claims that Miller saved Masterson in Rowdy Joe Lowe's saloon in Dodge, and Wyatt apparently said he was all grit and piano-wire. And, also, that he was as fast with a gun as anyone he knew on the frontier. All this makes him a pretty interesting character that may perhaps be under investigated.


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    Thanks Gobs...I've been looking at contemporary newspaper accounts of Dan Ferguson killing Thomas Steele . The newspapers state that Dan Ferguson was 23 years old and from Nebraska . His father's name... more
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