Peter Love
A great researcher
Tue Jul 04, 17:30

I think his bare bones analysis of Wyatt got to the truth, and the same for Ringo. I was waiting for his updated Curly Bill book to address the claims CB was Bill Graham.

Looks like only Peter Brand is left researching this period; to publish, anyway.

  • Steve GattoEddie Lanham, Thu Jun 22 11:18
    Steve Gatto, passed away on June 15th 2023 at the age of 61 in Kerrville, Texas. Steve was the author of bios on Wyatt Earp, Curly Bill, and Johnny Ringo.
    • A great researcher — Peter Love, Tue Jul 04 17:30
    • A great lossRobert Buckley, Thu Jun 22 12:50
      My sincerest condolences to all of Steve's friends and family.
    • Steve GattoLinda Wommack, Thu Jun 22 12:39
      His obituary can be found here. ?