Harwood house and Fly's Studio
Wed Jul 12, 12:05

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Sorry to tread over familiar ground (not that that's uncommon around here) but I recently got into a debate on a Tombstone Facebook page and I would like some clarity from the better acquainted posters on here.

Someone on the FB page recently visited Tombstone and posted a photo of Fly's studio. They knew it wasn't the original building but were unsure what to call the small building that once occupied the other side of the famous vacant lot.

I chimed in and said it was the Harwood house and for emphasis posted the now well known burrow picture. I pointed out the Harwood house on the left and Fly's Studio on the right.

Someone posted later that Fly's studio had burned down shortly after the gunfight and that the buildings depicted in the photo were not the original structures. I did some research (mostly on here) and here's what I came up with...

The consensus is that the burrow photo was taken in the mid-1880s

Fly's Studio was not burned in the June 1882 fire but rather in the later 1912 fire.

Nobody seems to know what happened to the original Harwood house but if it was still standing in 1912 it most likely was destroyed then.

Thus,the buildings depicted in the burrow photo are most likely the original Harwood house and Studio.

Do I have this correct...?

Thanks to all who respond.

    • Harwood's disappears, Fly's burnsJerry Prather, Thu Jul 13 14:30
      The corner Harwood structure does not appear on the 1882 Sanborn map made after the 1882 fire, so it was torn down or was moved between the street fight and that time. The Harwood house on lot 2 is shown... more
    • Seeing as I have nothing better to do....Joyce A. Aros, Wed Jul 12 15:37
      ...I will take a stab at this one. My understanding is that this little house in the Burro photo is a Harwood house but the house on the corner, or almost at the corner of Third street is also a Harwood... more
      • The Little House On The PrairieMichael Fearnehough, Thu Jul 13 5:39
        Joyce ... hoping you're keeping well, if perhaps a little bored ... maybe something to get your teeth into ... neither Bob, nor myself managed to claw any lurid details from Kenny a couple of years ago... more
      • Re: Seeing as I have nothing better to do....Anonymous, Wed Jul 12 16:16
        Thank you so much for this. Yes, what little I could find online regarding the Harwood house seemed to imply there were two buildings in that vicinity that were referred to as Harwood houses. So everything... more