Joyce A. Aros
Seeing as I have nothing better to do....
Wed Jul 12, 15:37

...I will take a stab at this one. My understanding is that this little house in the Burro photo is a Harwood house but the house on the corner, or almost at the corner of Third street is also a Harwood house, apparently.

It seems the smaller house was for a short time used as a workshop for two ladies doing dressmaking but was empty at the time of the shoot-out.

Johnny Behan described the larger Harwood house (both owned by the same person) as NEAR the corner, not quite as it is sitting today.

Remember that the area was very open and you could see through to Allen street. The corral area was also quite open. Fremont street was quite primitive at the time, not many walkways, only what individual businesses installed such as Fly's and the Bauer meat market. Across the street where the Gird building stood seemed a little more developed.

The Burro picture would be reliable for an 1880 shot as Billy Clanton was described as leaning against that building and then sliding down it as he was hit. Behan referred to the house where Tom McLaury fell near as NEAR the corner, not right on the corner, which might simply mean it was not constructed up to the lot line.

Both buildings were referred to as Harwood houses. Perhaps someone else has better information. So glad you were interested enough to inquire!

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    • Harwood's disappears, Fly's burnsJerry Prather, Thu Jul 13 14:30
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