Michael Fearnehough
The Little House On The Prairie
Thu Jul 13, 5:39

Joyce ... hoping you're keeping well, if perhaps a little bored ... maybe something to get your teeth into ... neither Bob, nor myself managed to claw any lurid details from Kenny a couple of years ago ... maybe it was part of his closely guarded research ... saving your blushes, any local knowledge on the McDonald Place? ... take care

From me [severely edited]: Thu Apr 22, 2021 10:30
"... was heterosexual activity the reason for hanging around there so long? ... was the Harwood house still used for that purpose and on Virgil's "tax collecting" rounds? ... thanks in anticipation"

From Kenny: Thu Apr 22, 2021 15:01
"I forgot how the McDonald place was discussed. Too many irons in the fire."

Fri Apr 23, 2021 2:22
"It wasn't discussed ... THAT was my obscure point ... just stirring the pot"


  • Seeing as I have nothing better to do....Joyce A. Aros, Wed Jul 12 15:37
    ...I will take a stab at this one. My understanding is that this little house in the Burro photo is a Harwood house but the house on the corner, or almost at the corner of Third street is also a Harwood... more
    • The Little House On The Prairie — Michael Fearnehough, Thu Jul 13 5:39
    • Re: Seeing as I have nothing better to do....Anonymous, Wed Jul 12 16:16
      Thank you so much for this. Yes, what little I could find online regarding the Harwood house seemed to imply there were two buildings in that vicinity that were referred to as Harwood houses. So everything... more