Jerry Prather
Harwood's disappears, Fly's burns
Thu Jul 13, 14:30

The corner Harwood structure does not appear on the 1882 Sanborn map made after the 1882 fire, so it was torn down or was moved between the street fight and that time. The Harwood house on lot 2 is shown on the 1889 Sanborn map but not the 1904 one, so it disappeared during that period.

I don't know where the date of 1912 came from for Fly's burning down. I too have seen it several times. The date Fly's actually burned was July 2, 1915. Lynn Bailey's book TOMBSTONE: "TOO TOUGH TO DIE" has that date. Also, has clippings from the July 3, 1915 Bisbee Daily Review and Douglas Dispatch International stating that the fire started around 3 o'clock on July 2, 1915. The Epitaph reported it in the July 4, 1915 edition.
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    • Harwood's disappears, Fly's burns — Jerry Prather, Thu Jul 13 14:30
    • Seeing as I have nothing better to do....Joyce A. Aros, Wed Jul 12 15:37
      ...I will take a stab at this one. My understanding is that this little house in the Burro photo is a Harwood house but the house on the corner, or almost at the corner of Third street is also a Harwood... more
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        Thank you so much for this. Yes, what little I could find online regarding the Harwood house seemed to imply there were two buildings in that vicinity that were referred to as Harwood houses. So everything... more