Daniek Buck
Re: Photo
Tue Jul 25, 8:37

Yes, a joke, more stinking than hilarious.

I posted a note on WWHA on 25 June.

  • PhotoEddie Lanham, Tue Jul 25 5:08
    What a joke. Post on the WWHA page.
    • Re: Photo — Daniek Buck, Tue Jul 25 8:37
      • Hey Daniel..B.J., Sat Jul 29 19:29
        As Peter Brand has said, there is “a reason” people no longer post on this board. That reason is apparently insiders information and it cannot be exposed to sunlight and fresh air…. …less the “reason”... more
        • Re: Hey Daniel..Daniel Buck, Sun Jul 30 14:16
          Billie, I think there is some misunderstanding. I posted a note here about an eBay seller peddling bogus Old West photos because I thought it would interest readers, and posted the note as well on a... more
        • My intention was:Eddie Lanham, Sun Jul 30 8:00
          that Dan post this on the WWHA page IN ADDITION to posting on BJs.