Michael Fearnehough
Fri Aug 04, 6:50

Apologies, Casey ... all my fault ... I'd previously aggravated Butch at least three times and he gave up on attacking me and as I'd already involved you ... hence the fall-out
As ever, take care

Butch Badon Wed Apr 12, 15:11
Mr. Tefertiller once posed that an article in a San Francisco newspaper was evidence of an investigation into Wyatt Earp in which Wyatt was given a clean bill of health. The article - which Casey sent to me via mail - did not clear the Earps and, in my opinion, only served to put the Earps in an unfavorable light.
For instance, the article quotes "men in the employ of Wells Fargo." Men in the employ of Wells Fargo is NOT Wells Fargo conducting a formal investigation. Casey Tefertiller, in my opinion, goes out of his way to make the Earps appear to have clean hands - which they do not.

gobs Thu Apr 13, 5:38
Butch ... based on an article from the notoriously unbiased SF press? As you don't pinpoint the investigation how can I argue?

gobs Mon Apr 10, 3:59
Butch ... All I've ever ascertained is that Prichard and his associates [it wasn't he who actually discovered the initial claims) made countless illegal ones by proxy for people living outside the region and these were universally challenged ... Prichard won at least one ... Earp won at least one ... and then seemingly gave up on the area after the Ferguson troubles and exit ... according to Tefertiller "many of the hard fought claims that were the subject of court challenges for the Earps were sold at taxes. Again, the Earps came up losers." ... are you [Butch] saying they were actually allowed to take home some of the spoils whilst still involved in these legalities? ... it would help us all if you could produce corroborating evidence ... take care

Furthermore ...

"he worked in brothels before Tombstone and probably leased rooms to prostitutes in Alaska. The 1911 bunko stinks, and so do some of his other activities. He broke out of jail. He drank way too much for a couple of decades"

Terrible behaviour ... I've previously argued [even to KtK] that in contemporary Whitechapel, none of these would have raised more than a murmur, even less, a conviction, apart from [maybe] the jailbreak ... there were no accusations of "bunko" amongst the working classes... "pimping" or more accurately, protection was almost entirely in-house, usually involving common-law couples ... was this loathsome article surrounded by other "gems" or by murderers and racists?

Coming from South Yorkshire and surrounded by mining villages the strike-breaker bit hit home most ... but, considering the levels of violence from both sides there had to be some sort of buffer ... so long as it wasn't the Pinkertons

While I'm here ... these cases went back as far as 1911 ...

Meanwhile, on the East Coast ... "Masterson moved to New York City on June 5, 1902. The next day, he was having his shoes shined at a public stand when police swooped in and arrested a West Coast gambler named James A. Sullivan, who was standing nearby. They took Masterson, too, alleging he was part of a bunco scheme to fleece a Mormon elder named George H. Snow out of $16,000. Masterson also had a concealed revolver. The bunco charge was dismissed. Masterson paid a $10 fine for the concealed weapon. About his arrest, Masterson complained to a reporter, "This fellow Gargan who arrested me is a warm baby – in his mind. He thinks all people are suckers. That's the trouble with these mush-headed coppers. Give them a political job to keep from starving and they think they own the earth."

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