Bob Cash
Re: A response to Butch
Mon Aug 07, 17:46

Based on hundreds of hours of discussions I have had with him on the topic of Wyatt Earp, including about issues that he and I disgree on, I am 100% in support of Casey's defense against the charge of bias in this post. In fact, Butch, my disagreement with your viewpoint of bias on Casey's part is as strong as my agreement with you on almost all things political, as two of the very few proogressive Democrats on this forum.

  • A response to ButchCasey Tefertiller, Wed Aug 02 6:53
    Butch, First of all, it is good to see you around. As we all age, you wonder what happened to folks. I hope you are doing well and enjoying life in a beautiful part of the country. A few weeks... more
    • You did wellDan Brown, Sat Aug 12 8:03
      There were only a few books on Earp readily available in bookstores way back when, The Earp Brothers of Tombstone by Waters, And Die in the West, and I married Wyatt Earp. There were some to be had by... more
    • Re: A response to Butch — Bob Cash, Mon Aug 07 17:46
    • SozMichael Fearnehough, Fri Aug 04 6:50
      Apologies, Casey ... all my fault ... I'd previously aggravated Butch at least three times and he gave up on attacking me and as I'd already involved you ... hence the fall-out As ever, take care Butch... more