Bob Cash
For Joyce and Tom
Thu Aug 10, 14:48

While I was combing the archives to find an answer to some of your questions from the series of old threads below, I came across this brilliant exposition on why Virg decided to look up the cowboys when he did and a highly defensible proposition on why he brought along Wyatt, Doc, and Morg. I also agree wth everything Jeff Morey says. The other main poster in this thread (not KtK) seems kind of lost, but I'm pretty sure that he'll agree now that my response is definitive and closes the case.

    • Re: For Joyce and TomBob Cash, Fri Aug 11 8:44
      Joyce and Tom, since the robust response from y'all that I was hoping my post would provoke has not materialized, I'm now worried about how y'all are dealing with the devastating heat in Arizona, particularly... more
      • I was feeling charitable...Joyce A. Aros, Mon Aug 14 9:45
        ...Bob, but you got me with 'highly defensible reason for Virgil's choices;' but then, I am sure you knew you would. It's been dull around here lately so am glad to see you up and around. I may be... more
        • Who are you and what have you done to Joyce ?!!!Bob Cash, Fri Aug 18 10:45
          In referencing the poker game in the early morning of October 26th, that included Virgil Earp, Ike Clanton, Tom McLaury, John Behan and one other person, you (whoever you are) make the statement: "... more
          • Bob/ you yanking my chain again!...Joyce A. Aros, Tue Aug 22 17:55
            Of course I have never suggested that Ike didn't drink and get drunk on occasion, as did all the cowboys and ranchers I would imagine. I certainly knew a lot of them who put enough away to light the barn... more
            • Re: Bob/ you yanking my chain again!...Bob Cash, Sat Aug 26 10:35
              I think the Earp's defense team intentionally refrained from raising the issue of Ike's sobriety because Ike's actions on the morning of October 26th look far worse if taken by a sober person, rather than... more
              • Speaking of bartenders....Robert Buckley, Sat Aug 26 18:43
                The newspapers around San Francisco ran stories about when John M. Chenoweth was a bartender in Tombstone. They told of what good friends Ike Clanton and Chenoweth were...Some of the stories talked about... more
                • Re: Speaking of bartenders....Michael Fearnehough, Sun Aug 27 5:25
                  Robert ... have you found anything more about Chenoweth being the editor for a pro-Joyce, anti-Earp newspaper? Apart from being involved with Joyce, he took a trip to New York with "Boss Buckley" and somehow... more
                  • Re: Re: Speaking of bartenders....Robert Buckley, Sun Aug 27 7:20
                    In a book written by Sherry Monahan,Taste of Tombstone, she wrote that the Grand Hotel was originally leased by W.D.Crow,J.E.Palmer and John Chenoweth....W.D. Crow owned the Republican newspaper .... perhaps... more
                    • LikelihoodsMichael Fearnehough, Sun Aug 27 17:06
                      Robert ... unfortunate, but there's enough interesting coincidence linking Ike, these other people and election fraud
                      • William David CrowRobert Buckley, Sun Aug 27 18:07
                        • J.E.PalmerMichael Fearnehough, Mon Aug 28 11:21
                          And, I see Palmer was City Clerk and proprietor of the Dexter livery stables ... apart from a few other pies J. E. Palmer moved into Babbitt house in northern part of town Ja/10 3/2 J. E. Palmer, manager... more
                          • Deputy U.S. marshal Leslie BlackburnRobert Buckley, Mon Sep 04 16:34
                            Deputy U.S. marshal Leslie Blackburn arrested John Chenoweth of the Grand Hotel-Bar for selling liquor and tobacco without a license. more
                            • Re: Deputy U.S. marshal Leslie BlackburnMichael Fearnehough, Tue Sep 05 3:05
                              Thanks Robert ... in response to your first link I was I was about to send the second but you'd beaten me to it more
        • correction....Joyce A. Aros, Mon Aug 14 9:49
          in my post I referred to two 'hotheads.' I meant DOC and Wyatt, not Ike and Wyatt.
      • Hi there, Bob!Joyce A. Aros, Fri Aug 11 13:18
        Thank you for your concern and thinking about us. I am weathering the weather pretty good and am grateful we had a couple of storms come through so we are at 78 degrees in Tombstone today! I may put on... more