Tom Gaumer
The return of Bad Bob Cash #1
Wed Aug 23, 13:00

I thought with all the heat in Texas and my experience in Forth Worth, humidity and heat combined, that everyone in Texas was probably dead. Glad to see you have survived so far.

Virgil was supposed to act rationally. I am aware of Virgil story that he felt pressured to go down there because of what he had said to Fonck. Virgil knew that Behan had gone to disarm the cowboys and needed to ask Fonck if he had seen Behan with the cowboys. If Fonck said Behan was with them, as he should have seen, then Virgil needed to say to Fonck, "I will give Behan a chance to complete his effort before I do anything to interfere and maybe create an unnecessary confrontation." If Behan failed Virgil could have taken over the effort.

If Behan succeeded the town would be spared a street shootout bringing on national bad publicity and some local things like Morgan and Virgil shot, The Earps losing their law jobs, an expensive hearing, Virgil and Morgan killed [Virgil was killed but refused to die and settled for crippled for life] The Earps having to leave their property and ambitious hopes in Arizona. Virgil chose to take these crushing risks rather than let Behan finish and maybe avoid having to bring all this down on his family. Virgil should have had enough judgement to make a better decision on his own and not let Fonck make it for him.

There was no need to take action immediately as Virgil had already done nothing for up to an hour and a bit more time wouldn"t matter. How long would it take for Virgil to find his own deputies? They might be standing nearby watching the show like so maany others. The vigilantes offered to help Virgil. They said nothing about doing anything themselves. The vigilantes might bring on disaster helping Virgil or acting by themselves but more likely would overwhelm the Cowboys and prevent a fight. Even the judge could not remain silent about Virgils bringing along Doc and Wyatt. He should have mentioned Morgaan also for his challenge to Ike to get armed. Three out of Three deputies that a sensible Chief of Police would not have brought to this incident. The case for Virgils ability to think clearly falls away again.

Here is the second issue. Stay awake!!! or do it in parts. LOL

Virgil and Wyatt (Wyatt chose to make his statement under oath) both swore under oath that Behan had told them he had disarmed the cowboys and both Wyatt and Virgil had put their guns away in response to that news. If they were telling the truth why did they continue towards the cowboys as they believed Behan had completed the purpose of the whole thing by disarming them. Why not thank Behan for the help and go home at that point unless what? Maybe they wanted a fight? Maybe they were perjuring
Themselves or trying to make themselves look like victims of lieing Johnny Behan?

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  • Po tae to, Po tah toBob Cash, Mon Aug 26 2019 9:17
    Interesting that as soon as I read Steve's explanation, I immediately thought it justified Virgil's decision to take action as soon as possible. Even if he had given Behan some time to disarm the cowboys,... more
    • The return of Bad Bob Cash #1 — Tom Gaumer, Wed Aug 23 13:00
    • Virgil did want as soon as possible vrs reasonableTom Gaumer, Mon Aug 26 2019 16:57
      Seer of Austin What was Virgil supposed to do after he knew they were still armed after having been in two corrals? Think about several things like is the gunfight Behan had alerted him to should happen... more
    • Excellent Post!Jeff Morey, Mon Aug 26 2019 11:22
      Bob, 1.). If Virgil had accepted help from the Vigilantes, he would have been admitting he wasn’t capable of dealing with the situation. 2.). The offers of help from the Vigilantes were more than “offers... more
      • Virgil proved he was incapableTom Gaumer, Wed Aug 23 13:17
        at great cost to his family and himself and his job. The words of the vigilantes were clear offers of help and when Virgil turned them down there was nothing said about them doing anything by themselves.... more