Tom Gaumer
Virgil proved he was incapable
Wed Aug 23, 13:17

at great cost to his family and himself and his job.

The words of the vigilantes were clear offers of help and when Virgil turned them down there was nothing said about them doing anything by themselves.

Fonck referred to Virgils words about what Virgil would do and gave no indication the vigilantes would do anything by themselves. Virgil could have asked Fonck if Behan was with the cowboys and then stayed out of it until or unless Behan failed. Virgil did a boo boo andd it cost his family huge.

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  • Excellent Post!Jeff Morey, Mon Aug 26 2019 11:22
    Bob, 1.). If Virgil had accepted help from the Vigilantes, he would have been admitting he wasn’t capable of dealing with the situation. 2.). The offers of help from the Vigilantes were more than “offers... more
    • Virgil proved he was incapable — Tom Gaumer, Wed Aug 23 13:17