Michael Fearnehough
Discretion being the better part of valo[u]r
Wed Sep 13, 3:15

Robert ... I know you're still working on this, but if the photo was of a different Manuela, no wonder the young wife lost her temper ... or did Garrett find it afterwards in the bloodstained jacket that he replaced? ... best of luck

  • Photos of Charlie and ManuelaRobert Buckley, Sat Sep 09 8:13
    • Discretion being the better part of valo[u]r — Michael Fearnehough, Wed Sep 13 3:15
      • The blood - stained photoRobert Buckley, Wed Sep 13 6:17
        In 1975, Robert McCubbin purchased the blood - stained photo from Jarvis Garrett (Pat Garrett's son). Jarvis said the photo was taken off the body of Charlie Bowdre after he was killed at Stinking Springs.... more
        • Doc, Charlie & The Cheese FactoryMichael Fearnehough, Wed Sep 13 6:39
          Thanks for the probate details ... does this century long theory include Bowdre and Scurlock marrying the two sisters? If Garrett returned the body to the "widow" [who he knew] why would he keep the... more
          • Re: Doc, Charlie & The Cheese FactoryRobert Buckley, Wed Sep 13 6:54
            When Jim East brought Charlie's body back to Manuela,Jim said Manuela's mother was with her at that time....Manuela Herrera's mother died in 1873.. Charlie and Doc were not brother- in- law,that is... more
            • Re: Re: Doc, Charlie & The Cheese FactoryMichael Fearnehough, Wed Sep 13 7:12
              I hadn't got round to finding that ... well done! If Jim East or the others didn't speak Spanish that well I presume mistakes could be easily made
              • Charlie SiringoRobert Buckley, Wed Sep 13 7:22
                Charlie Siringo was in Fort Sumner just before Billy was killed. He said he saw Manuela at a dance.He also said Manuela's mother was in Fort Sumner at that time.
                • Mothers & The LawMichael Fearnehough, Wed Sep 13 11:26
                  Siringo was a known teller of tales ... as you say, Manuela Herrera's mother died in 1873, but, which mother did he see [or not] see? ... which Manuela did he dance with? ... which Manuela attacked the... more