The blood - stained photo
Wed Sep 13, 6:17

In 1975, Robert McCubbin purchased the blood - stained photo from Jarvis Garrett (Pat Garrett's son). Jarvis said the photo was taken off the body of Charlie Bowdre after he was killed at Stinking Springs.

San Miguel probate records indicate that Charlie Bowdre was married to Manuela Gonzales.

Several authors have written that Charlie Bowdre married 12 year old Manuela Herrera in 1878...this is just a century long theory. There is no contemporary source/document that states Charlie Bowdre married the 12 year old Manuela Herrera....the photos of Charlie and Manuela were taken by James Furlong in 1880. The woman standing next to Charlie in the photo is Manuela Gonzales, who was 25 years old at the time of the photo....Manuela Herrera was 14 years old in 1880.

  • Discretion being the better part of valo[u]rMichael Fearnehough, Wed Sep 13 3:15
    Robert ... I know you're still working on this, but if the photo was of a different Manuela, no wonder the young wife lost her temper ... or did Garrett find it afterwards in the bloodstained jacket that... more
    • The blood - stained photo — Robert Buckley, Wed Sep 13 6:17
      • Doc, Charlie & The Cheese FactoryMichael Fearnehough, Wed Sep 13 6:39
        Thanks for the probate details ... does this century long theory include Bowdre and Scurlock marrying the two sisters? If Garrett returned the body to the "widow" [who he knew] why would he keep the... more
        • Re: Doc, Charlie & The Cheese FactoryRobert Buckley, Wed Sep 13 6:54
          When Jim East brought Charlie's body back to Manuela,Jim said Manuela's mother was with her at that time....Manuela Herrera's mother died in 1873.. Charlie and Doc were not brother- in- law,that is... more
          • Re: Re: Doc, Charlie & The Cheese FactoryMichael Fearnehough, Wed Sep 13 7:12
            I hadn't got round to finding that ... well done! If Jim East or the others didn't speak Spanish that well I presume mistakes could be easily made
            • Charlie SiringoRobert Buckley, Wed Sep 13 7:22
              Charlie Siringo was in Fort Sumner just before Billy was killed. He said he saw Manuela at a dance.He also said Manuela's mother was in Fort Sumner at that time.
              • Mothers & The LawMichael Fearnehough, Wed Sep 13 11:26
                Siringo was a known teller of tales ... as you say, Manuela Herrera's mother died in 1873, but, which mother did he see [or not] see? ... which Manuela did he dance with? ... which Manuela attacked the... more