Michael Fearnehough
Mothers & The Law
Wed Sep 13, 11:26

Siringo was a known teller of tales ... as you say, Manuela Herrera's mother died in 1873, but, which mother did he see [or not] see? ... which Manuela did he dance with? ... which Manuela attacked the possemen? ... were they both in Fort Sumner at the same time? ... according to my reading, Siringo never got past the door, supposedly because Billy was behind it ... the posse men would hardly cross-examine each "wife" ... by the way, there are details about the sister who married Scurlock (dates, etc) but none at all on young Manuela who was separated from her family through illness until 1875 ... a theory was advanced that the woman in the photograph was a lady named Nellie Pickett who was also in Fort Sumner ... go figure ... as I said, the best of luck

  • Charlie SiringoRobert Buckley, Wed Sep 13 7:22
    Charlie Siringo was in Fort Sumner just before Billy was killed. He said he saw Manuela at a dance.He also said Manuela's mother was in Fort Sumner at that time.
    • Mothers & The Law — Michael Fearnehough, Wed Sep 13 11:26