Joyce A. Aros
sorry I haven't surfaced for a while....
Wed Sep 13, 12:09

...but sometimes you ask silly questions to get me going again so will entertain you once again.

I don't know how much roping you do with your gun strapped to your right hip but I am assuming that, like most cowboys, you probably throw a loop with your right hand. But you can get into a lot of trouble that way if that loop catches on the pistol handle sticking out from your right side. Flipping that gun out of the holster in this manner and having it hit the ground and accidentally shoot a steer, cowboy, or worse, the camp cook could really cost you your job that Fall round-up, as well as tarnish your reputation.

As Billy Clanton was more a working cowboy than anything else, and had been out for several weeks helping collect and brand hundreds of cattle just before coming into town, I am again assuming that he would not be wearing his gun on his right side when suddenly asked to head into town right after an early morning breakfast. Likely both he and Frank wore cross draws for a thirty mile ride as it is more comfortable on a long sit.

We don't know about Frank's gun as no witness mentioned which side he wore it on. But Coleman described Billy, after two shots were already fired, one being the shot that smashed his right wrist rendering it painfully useless, as attempting to retrieve his gun from his LEFT hip with his LEFT hand, no easy task with his lungs and guts shot out as well.

I could go on but don't see the need. At some point one needs to apply some logic and reason. Billy could not use his right hand, the witness specified him drawing from the left side of his body.

  • Cross DrawBob Cash, Tue Sep 12 8:13
    Joyce, why do you believe that Billy Clanton was wearing his pistol in a cross draw fashion at the street fight?
    • sorry I haven't surfaced for a while.... — Joyce A. Aros, Wed Sep 13 12:09
      • Re: sorry I haven't surfaced for a while....Bob Cash, Thu Sep 14 8:41
        Joyce, you write:"But Coleman described Billy, after two shots were already fired, one being the shot that smashed his right wrist rendering it painfully useless, as attempting to retrieve his gun from... more
        • "Clanton died with six bullets in him"Michael Fearnehough, Fri Sep 22 6:52
          "Following the shootout near the OK Corral, he [George Goodfellow] tended wounded members of both factions. Before 19-year old Billy Clanton died with six bullets in him, Doc removed his boots." "Following... more
          • Re: "Clanton died with six bullets in him"Bob Cash, Sat Sep 23 9:14
            Michael, I've seen these quotes before, but I'm not aware of Goodfellow being mention in any of the documents or testimony connected to the coroner's jury or Spicer hearing. Coroner H. M. Matthews testified... more
            • An Inquisitive Pair Of FellowsMichael Fearnehough, Sat Sep 23 9:51
              Of course! ... stupid me ... it's all too much for my poor eyes ... him, Fuller and that darned Smith & Wesson ... both of them had a nose round and yet were strangely only interrogated over the wrist... more
              • Hi Michael,Joyce A. Aros, Sat Sep 23 10:44
                ...The wrist wound was important as a deciding factor as it would also be the broken arm. The damage would have been extensive. Billy was pretty well riddled before he slid down the wall. Virgil and Morgan... more
                • Once again, all over.Bob Cash, Sat Sep 23 16:10
                  Joyce, you write: "The implication that Fuller was hung-over was necessary because Fuller's testimony was damaging. Two witnesses were questioned in that way, I think the other was Claibourne. Interestingly,... more
                  • Bob/ so glad you said; "...I think..."Joyce A. Aros, Sat Sep 23 17:11
                    Thinking, theory, possible ideas, maybe's! Glad to see you are on top of it once again. But what about some evidence; even in the case of witness testimony? We do have this absolutely Damning statement... more
                • One For All, All For OneMichael Fearnehough, Sat Sep 23 11:41
                  And the best to you in the future, Joyce ... I've posited a couple of times on here that the only reason Wyatt said he shot anyone is to cover for the others [brothers and friends] without badges ... I... more
                  • Quite right, old boy!....Joyce A. Aros, Sat Sep 23 14:01
                    Thank you for your well wishes. I appreciate your thoughtfulness.
        • R.F. Coleman 1881 handwritten transcriptMichael Fearnehough, Thu Sep 21 9:15
          "I do not think that Billy Clanton was hit before he commenced firing" Bob ... despite Joyce's exhortations, I've never joined in any of the endless discussions regarding the contradictions contained... more
        • two elementary questions...Joyce A. Aros, Thu Sep 14 11:33
          Was not your original question asking why I was under the impression Billy was wearing a cross-draw rigging? Hatch and Coleman both refer to Billy attempting to get a gun out of the scabbard on his LEFT... more
          • Re: two elementary questions...Anonymous, Tue Sep 19 13:05
            Joyce, you write, "Was not your original question asking why I was under the impression Billy was wearing a cross-draw rigging?" I asked my original question because after reading your section in VANTAGE... more
            • Anonymous two....Joyce A. Aros, Fri Sep 22 10:54
              It is clear that in making comments to the newspaper or even in testimony, one or two people made assumptions based on what they were accustomed to. Coleman was a good example of that. Logic and reason... more
            • Okay, anonymous...Joyce A. Aros, Wed Sep 20 13:37
              My apalogies for mass confusion. I have a good excuse. I have been dealing with a bad case of Bronchitis for two weeks and can't stop the coughing fits. The Dr. has me on pills, a puffer, and I am drinking... more
              • Re: Okay, anonymous...Bob Cash, Sat Sep 23 9:22
                Joyce, I typed up a fairly long response and thought I had posted it, but now I realize it disaappeared into the ether (and I don't have an excuse like bronchitiss). Hope you are felling better. I'll get... more
                • Bob/ How many times have I done that...Joyce A. Aros, Sat Sep 23 10:11
                  ...and didn't want to repeat the whole thing again; and also couldn't remember what I said anyway. Thank you for your good wishes; am doing much better.
            • Left HandJones, Tue Sep 19 21:23
              Trial Newpaper Version - Wes Fuller: he was in a crouched, stooping position, leaning against the house, and while so drew his pistol with his left hand; his body was out from the corner so I could see... more
              • Re: Left HandBob Cash, Fri Sep 22 14:31
                Jones, thank you for correcting my contention that no witness testified that Billy drew his pistol with his left hand. I was obviously wrong. When I'm debating with Joyce, I usually peruse all the testimony... more
          • ConclusionPeter Love, Fri Sep 15 2:55
            Justice Wells Spicer -“.. William Clantons was wounded on the wrist of the right hand on first fire and thereafter used his pistol with his left”
            • Re: ConclusionBob Cash, Sat Sep 23 9:17
              Pete, I'm working on a response. Should be done this weekend.
          • Re: two elementary questions...Dan Brown, Thu Sep 14 20:48
            I suspect that in the heat of that mad minute the surviving participants and witnessed missed more than they observed. I suspect Billy was cross drawing, but it would be good to know something about the... more
            • Dan/ also, this took place...Joyce A. Aros, Wed Sep 20 13:40
              ...four years before smokeless gunpowder was available, so you can imagine the confusion in just seconds.