Peter Love
Fri Sep 15, 2:55

Justice Wells Spicer -“.. William Clantons was wounded on the wrist of the right hand on first fire and thereafter used his pistol with his left”

  • two elementary questions...Joyce A. Aros, Thu Sep 14 11:33
    Was not your original question asking why I was under the impression Billy was wearing a cross-draw rigging? Hatch and Coleman both refer to Billy attempting to get a gun out of the scabbard on his LEFT... more
    • Re: two elementary questions...Anonymous, Tue Sep 19 13:05
      Joyce, you write, "Was not your original question asking why I was under the impression Billy was wearing a cross-draw rigging?" I asked my original question because after reading your section in VANTAGE... more
      • Anonymous two....Joyce A. Aros, Fri Sep 22 10:54
        It is clear that in making comments to the newspaper or even in testimony, one or two people made assumptions based on what they were accustomed to. Coleman was a good example of that. Logic and reason... more
      • Okay, anonymous...Joyce A. Aros, Wed Sep 20 13:37
        My apalogies for mass confusion. I have a good excuse. I have been dealing with a bad case of Bronchitis for two weeks and can't stop the coughing fits. The Dr. has me on pills, a puffer, and I am drinking... more
        • Re: Okay, anonymous...Bob Cash, Sat Sep 23 9:22
          Joyce, I typed up a fairly long response and thought I had posted it, but now I realize it disaappeared into the ether (and I don't have an excuse like bronchitiss). Hope you are felling better. I'll get... more
          • Bob/ How many times have I done that...Joyce A. Aros, Sat Sep 23 10:11
            ...and didn't want to repeat the whole thing again; and also couldn't remember what I said anyway. Thank you for your good wishes; am doing much better.
      • Left HandJones, Tue Sep 19 21:23
        Trial Newpaper Version - Wes Fuller: he was in a crouched, stooping position, leaning against the house, and while so drew his pistol with his left hand; his body was out from the corner so I could see... more
        • Re: Left HandBob Cash, Fri Sep 22 14:31
          Jones, thank you for correcting my contention that no witness testified that Billy drew his pistol with his left hand. I was obviously wrong. When I'm debating with Joyce, I usually peruse all the testimony... more
    • Conclusion — Peter Love, Fri Sep 15 2:55
      • Re: ConclusionBob Cash, Sat Sep 23 9:17
        Pete, I'm working on a response. Should be done this weekend.
    • Re: two elementary questions...Dan Brown, Thu Sep 14 20:48
      I suspect that in the heat of that mad minute the surviving participants and witnessed missed more than they observed. I suspect Billy was cross drawing, but it would be good to know something about the... more
      • Dan/ also, this took place...Joyce A. Aros, Wed Sep 20 13:40
        ...four years before smokeless gunpowder was available, so you can imagine the confusion in just seconds.