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NEMB is now over 24 years old!
I think we should be able to register it as a historic site at this point.

Welcome to the NEMB replacement Disc App. Use link below to access original forum (closed 10/31/19) (RIP)

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Halloween 2022 QB Game-Erik_, Mon Oct 17 2022 3:54pm
Well, the deadline for this has come up way faster than I would have thought and I'm wayyyyyy behind (read: I spent 20 minutes one night playing with an idea). I got caught up updating the DiscApp site so that the email subscription service is integrated into the main code base. That opened a can of worms which lead to some rewriting of things and tweaking of others. Long story short, that code change should be done now. I have my local dev instance running with the daily emails queued to... more

  • Perl DiscApp site might be shut down soon-Erik_, Mon Oct 02 2023 8:27am
    Not that anyone actually uses it or anything (I'm using it now just for the heck of it...) My free webhost has decided that they're no longer allowing you to have two sites set up and are limiting down to one. If you already have two sites, you can keep them up but you can't do any deployments until you close one of the sites. The stats site is more 'useful' (is it really? ) so I'll be leaving that one up when that eventuality happens. I could theoretically move it to the main paid hosting... more

    PDR Blog Registration Bug and more!-Erik_, Tue Aug 22 2023 3:27pm
    I was bored and ran a few tests against the registration page on the blog. It doesn't look like it checks if the username or password field are just blank spaces with no characters. I just registered an account where the username and password are both a single space. 2nd bug I found, when I went to 'View Comments' on my regular account and then clicked on the 'Edit comment' link. I get a 404. This is the URL it attempted: It... more

  • We were talking about spam bots...-Erik_, Fri Sep 15 2023 5:33pm
    ...a while back. (Not sure which thread) Looks like they're active again on the original site... Ex:;article=71377 Might be taken down soon by the mod. There was another post on the main page that was also removed as spam from earlier. I guess that answers if those bots are still around! Edit: Looks like they deleted that message but the board been hammered a bit with more spam posts. I also noticed that the IBM mainframe... more

    My XT died... :(-Erik_, Wed Aug 23 2023 12:23am
    I mostly use my IBM XT as a journal of sorts. I have LEWP (Leading Edge Word Processor) installed on it and have docs from the first day I owned my Leading Edge XT clone (a bit after I got my actual XT). It also has documents from the previous owner dating back to the late 1980s which is sort of neat. Anyway, it had been a while since I made an entry into my LEWP docs so I decided to make one tonight. All goes well, I finish and then I'm checking around the drive at various other things that... more

  • Actually, I added that about a month ago just because I could on Porkbun but never mentioned it as I'm sure no one cares. The thought behind it is that it is now a direct URL replacement, besides host name, of the original site. Ex: -> And because of how the cookies work, you need to log in based on if you're on or or https://www.ned... more

    nmtui and Orange Pi-Puckdropper, Mon Apr 17 2023 1:24am
    I can't get Raspberry Pi, so I'm trying an orange Pi. The Raspberry Pi is awesome... configure your wifi on Windows through a special partition and boot your Pi on the Wifi. Easy! The Orange Pi runs a different form of Linux. I have to PLUG IT IN, get a DHCP address, then go to nmtui to add the Wifi information. That's all good, right? Now what happens when I need to make changes to the Wifi network while still connected to Wifi? (I'm moving it to another network.) I go into nmtui and then... more

  • Retro Web Ring-Erik_, Mon Aug 14 2023 5:30pm
    I wanted something 'non-discapp' related to program in my free time before bed. I probably should have been working on the QB Halloween game but anyway... We were talking in one these buried threads about web rings ( ) and how it wouldn't be too hard to put together. So, I did just that. It's not 100% complete but it is functional. The verification process isn't added yet so as of right now, all sites added are verified by default.... more

  • The world and it's people are stupid.-Puckdropper, Wed Dec 01 2004 4:34pm
    They invent things that they use to torture themselves (Wow... 6 words that begin with "t" | "T"). Let's go over some human made torture devices: The Clock The Alarm Clock Caffeine Fancy Clothing The Clock The Clock measures the amount of time between revolutions of the sun at a specific point down to the millisecond. Do we really need such precision? 5 minutes is good enough for me. The Alarm Clock Hu-mans have taken the clock and made it beep, buzz, ding, ring, etc... at a specific millisecond.... more

  • Oct 2021 Pumpkin Update - May 2022!-Erik_, Wed May 11 2022 2:57pm
    Okay... usually I just post the rotten pumpkins at the bottom of the page, but this year is a bit different. I have this one pumpkin that seems have mummified itself like I've never seen before. I'm not sure how it happened, I've left it in the backyard since probably November. It's been out in the elements yet it still continues to exist. It doesn't smell and is super light. What's interesting is there were two other pumpkins with it. One rotted like normal. The other one rotted into a flat... more

  • DMARC, DKIM, and SPF oh my!-Erik_, Fri Jul 28 2023 3:53pm
    Just hopefully finished a battle with the mailing list server failing outbound email's DKIM check due to: dkim=neutral (body hash did not verify) That means if my SPF (what servers I marked as allowed to send emails for my domain) also failed for some reason, DMARC would fail which would either move the messages directly to spam or outright rejected on the recipients mailbox. Then, on top of that, now I'm getting sent to spam which hurts the domain score overall regardless of these email spam... more

    Mobile Phone Woes + 2FA Issues caused by it-Erik_, Sat May 20 2023 2:46am
    I don't have time tonight to fill out the full details so I'll do that tomorrow but oh my god. I've been in cell phone hell for the past week...

  • High Yield Savings Accounts-Puckdropper, Sat Jun 03 2023 1:21am
    We found out recently that there are savings accounts out there offering real interest. PayPal Savings is offering 4.15%, Primis bank is offering slightly more. It sure is nice to feel some tangible return on those accounts. My previous bank's interest rate was 0.01% before I moved to PayPal Savings. (It's a little annoying to get your money out, they delay things so long but at least every month you get $20-30 for money you don't plan on touching very often.)

  • NE DiscApp Perl Version-Erik_, Thu Feb 23 2023 5:21pm
    This was originally in the NE 24th anniversary post but figured it would be better to have it's own post instead due to the constant adding to it I've been doing. This isn't a serious project, just something I've been throwing together for fun. The basic goal of it is just to write the site as close to the original as possible and in Perl. So far, it's fully functional, just a bit buggy and slower. Site: NEMB: more

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    Might as well show this years rotting away pumpkins as well: Link

    Oh that's so sincere! I bet it gets visited by the Great Pumpkin!

    Here's 2019's rotten pumpkin pic! link

    Keeping with this weird pumpkin tradition.. here's the 2020 pumpkins! First one made it to the back edge of the yard: link
    Second one wasn't so lucky...It rotted too bad on the porch and just got kicked off the side: link 2
    I honestly don't know how I don't have a pumpkin patch growing in the back of my yard with all the pumpkins that have been left there.

    No rotten pumpkins yet for 2021.. They're still kicking and looking good from October even though it's now December. I guess we'll see how this month goes and how these pumpkins hold up. Honestly, I think this is the longest I've ever had pumpkins last for!

    Well... January was not kind to them. One is completely gone, another in a well rotten state. The bumpy looking one is still holding strong some how. I wonder how far we'll make it into 2022 with that one staying solid? Link

    Now we're into May 2022 and still going.. The 2021 pumpkin progress/saga can be found here from here on out: Link



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