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NEMB is now over 23 years old!
I think we should be able to register it as a historic site at this point.

Welcome to the NEMB replacement Disc App. Use link below to access original forum (closed 10/31/19) (RIP)

COURTESY RULE: Use an asterisk(*) to denote messages without bodies. Even if you don't a (nm) will be added to your subject line anyway but make sure to put that asterisk in there... you know what, even put it in there if you have like half a sentence in the body... that's not really a "full" post anyway so you might as well throw that bad boy in there just because. The world is your oyster! Use discretion or don't.

"code" class added to CSS for "pre" tags in message bodies. - Changed to just style basic "pre" tags the same. No CSS class needed.
Threads sorted by activity and regular buttons are back.

New Image Upload "Beta" Feature Test Forum

NE DiscApp Perl Version-Erik_, Thu Feb 23 2023 5:21pm
This was originally in the NE 24th anniversary post but figured it would be better to have it's own post instead due to the constant adding to it I've been doing. This isn't a serious project, just something I've been throwing together for fun. The basic goal of it is just to write the site as close to the original as possible and in Perl. So far, it's fully functional, just a bit buggy and slower. Site: NEMB: more

Happy 24th Birthday NE!-Erik_, Mon Feb 20 2023 2:45am
From the site update: Wow. This site has been around now for 24 years. That's crazy. I never thought some random Geocities page I made back when I was 13 would still be around after all this time. Cheers to another year come and gone. It's been sort of a light year in the way of releases. NE DiscApp had some cool changes this past year. DiscussionApps can now be configured to use BBCode. I've also opened up testing to a new image attachment feature. Most of the second half... more

Image upload feature-Erik_, Thu Jan 26 2023 11:32am
I started working on an image upload feature for this site. I think I have it most of the way there. It's sort of clunky but that fits this web 1.0 site. Because saving images takes wayy too much space, I decided to use Imgur's image upload APIs to host and upload the images. On successful uploads, I then keep track of which threads have images attached and have a table that keeps track of the filename, image url, etc. It works okay from what I tested. Large files don't like to go through though.... more

Oct 2021 Pumpkin Update - May 2022!-Erik_, Wed May 11 2022 2:57pm
Okay... usually I just post the rotten pumpkins at the bottom of the page, but this year is a bit different. I have this one pumpkin that seems have mummified itself like I've never seen before. I'm not sure how it happened, I've left it in the backyard since probably November. It's been out in the elements yet it still continues to exist. It doesn't smell and is super light. What's interesting is there were two other pumpkins with it. One rotted like normal. The other one rotted into a flat... more

  • NE Disc App Stats Website-Erik_, Tue Dec 27 2022 3:24am
    edit: I'm not sure how I rambled on this long.... So, I figure there should be a bit of background on this site I've created. On this actual site, I have an existing report. It's my daily admin report email that gets generated. It has information that I can gather based on querying the database. There's absolutely nothing user specific and it's all just general information. (Ex: number of failed log ins, number of hits, number of subscribers, etc) It's helpful in some situations like the time... more

  • Download link: Click here Please let me know if there's any issues or bugs you find. I sort of scrambled the past day trying to get some of the final issues ironed out. To run the game, extract all the files to the same directory and run SDRUSH.EXE either from DOSBox or from DOS itself. If you're in DOSBox, you might have to up the CPU cycles a bit with CTRL+F12 Merry Christmas! Link to original 'development' thread

  • Happy Thanksgiving I've been thinking about doing a new Christmas QB challenge again like 'Santa's Christmas Rescue'. Starting 12/1 until 12/25, make a Christmas themed QB game. Current idea for this year is a two level set up that switches back and forth similar to some Atari 2600 games back in the day. Again, you will be playing as Santa. Start level is a flying level where you are in your sleigh and have to dodge things and fire at foes to get to the next house to deliver presents to.... more

  • Heroku shutting down free services 11/28/22-Erik_, Fri Aug 26 2022 8:44am
    I received an email from Heroku today that they're shutting down their free services completely 11/28/22. That's a bummer as my Perl test site will no longer be a testing ground and more importantly, the daily subscription email service for this site will be shut down. Now I have to migrate the notifier code into the main code base so that it kicks off the emails each night instead of a separate service. The main code base is already a "god" project that should be split into four smaller projects... more

  • Found old Perl version of the website..-Erik, Thu May 16 2019 12:00pm
    Found an old version of the website partially completed and written in Perl by Puckdropper... I was surprised that I was still able to more or less fire it up.

  • Happy Thanksgiving!-Erik_, Thu Nov 24 2022 1:00am
    Looks like Santa's Delivery Rush is going to come out before the Halloween game. Just didn't have time to get it out before today and I don't want to miss SDR's final release after being pushed out a year now.

  • Halloween 2022 QB Game-Erik_, Mon Oct 17 2022 3:54pm
    Well, the deadline for this has come up way faster than I would have thought and I'm wayyyyyy behind (read: I spent 20 minutes one night playing with an idea). I got caught up updating the DiscApp site so that the email subscription service is integrated into the main code base. That opened a can of worms which lead to some rewriting of things and tweaking of others. Long story short, that code change should be done now. I have my local dev instance running with the daily emails queued to... more

  • Ubuntu 22.04 updates and restarts...-Erik_, Wed Oct 12 2022 4:01pm
    This has been starting to bug me a little bit. I've been using Linux for almost 20 years now and ever since upgrading to Ubuntu 22.04 the amount of times I've had to restart my computer due to an update has been more than I'm used to. I only really remember full system reboots for updates required when the kernel was updated. I feel like I'm getting messages to restart from an update once a week with this new version. Maybe I've just been out of the loop on how Ubuntu was trending with this due... more

  • *Just got a Uhaul loaded. Erik, check your email.-Puckdropper, Sat Jul 30 2022 10:29pm
    Man moving sucks.

  • Package arrived full of Atari 400 awesomeness!-Erik_, Sat Aug 06 2022 1:59am
    Package arrived some point yesterday. I didn't notice it until I brought my kid outside after work. For some reason it was all the way by the sidewalk but still inside the gate. Hopefully the UPS guy was just lazy and dumped it over the fence instead of someone starting to steal it before having a change of heart/too many witnesses. In any case, it's here! Thank you so much for all this stuff! That was really really generous of you. I know in a previous post I said I was done porting Wry for... more

  • Wry Atari 8-bit-Erik_, Thu Sep 01 2022 1:51am
    I wrote a very short Wry style text adventure testing out the keyboard after getting it working again finally (I'll update the Atari 400 thread at a later time with how that's going). I forgot to clear the screen before most choices and the way I threw it together, it wasn't easy to pop in a screen clear later without rewriting a bunch. Also, if you note in the video, "Retrace your steps" is actually a death for "wandering" #2. Another case of it was too much of a pain to fix for a simple demo.... more

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    Might as well show this years rotting away pumpkins as well: Link

    Oh that's so sincere! I bet it gets visited by the Great Pumpkin!

    Here's 2019's rotten pumpkin pic! link

    Keeping with this weird pumpkin tradition.. here's the 2020 pumpkins! First one made it to the back edge of the yard: link
    Second one wasn't so lucky...It rotted too bad on the porch and just got kicked off the side: link 2
    I honestly don't know how I don't have a pumpkin patch growing in the back of my yard with all the pumpkins that have been left there.

    No rotten pumpkins yet for 2021.. They're still kicking and looking good from October even though it's now December. I guess we'll see how this month goes and how these pumpkins hold up. Honestly, I think this is the longest I've ever had pumpkins last for!

    Well... January was not kind to them. One is completely gone, another in a well rotten state. The bumpy looking one is still holding strong some how. I wonder how far we'll make it into 2022 with that one staying solid? Link

    Now we're into May 2022 and still going.. The 2021 pumpkin progress/saga can be found here from here on out: Link


    "Forces act when not restrained" - Puckdropper