"Lycos!? Looks like they're rerunning the ads too!"
Mon Jul 03, 2023 12:09am

They did have some good advertising in the heyday though. I can still here 'Lycos, go get it!' to the dog in my head after all these years. But then again, I also can still hear 'Sit Ubu. Sit. Good dog *bark*' as well...

I checked and yes! Both Tripod and Angelfire have kept all the old member sites still alive.

Random examples: <-- some qbasic site <-- some other qbasic page

If you search with '' or '' you'll get results. Doesn't look like any of these old pages come up in the search results otherwise in Google. (No surprises there...)

Nothing that I've found so far has been updated in 20+ years though. I wonder if it's a readonly archive or if some people are still updating their old sites (or even have access to do so)?

I tried signing up for Angelfire's free tier but they're not accepting new free accounts and my guess will never again in the foreseeable future. I was interested to see what their 'Perl/CGI' support actually meant. Also, interestingly enough, it's only mentioned on the mobile site. The desktop site only talks about page counter and logs. seems to be the spiritual successor to the Geocities/Tripod/Angelfire of the past. I've never used it but one of the active QB members on Pete's QB site Mike has a site there and it seems to basically fill the void that those old hosts left... just, like these type of forums, fewer people these days are using that old web 1.0 look and feel.

The saying I like is "do it for the next guy, the next guy might be you 15 years later."

I like that saying too and try to adhere to it as much as possible if I can. That has been me at work multiple times now. I've been working on the same legacy system for I think ~9 years now. Code goes back to the late 90s. I've had to do some tickets and stumbled across some code that looked familiar and was like... "was this me?". Yep. Sure enough, it was me almost a decade ago. I've developed a habit of over documenting things because of having to unwind and re-figure out random convoluted messes of the past so many times now.

Also worth noting the 'Wry: Monochrome' updated version from a few years ago. That was an experience of 'not doing it for the next guy' back in 1999/2000. :) Thankfully for that, I had at least already become somewhat re-familiar with the code from writing the Wry Parser a bit before that.

  • I dunno if their product is any good... - Puckdropper, Sun Jul 02 2023 5:20pm
    But they need to tell people about themselves. Maybe buy some cheap ad space during Friends reruns? I wonder if they kept the old accounts over time, too. Usually if you saw someone's personal homepage (I think maybe the Kes message board had something?) it was an angelfire link. That does look... more
    • "Lycos!? Looks like they're rerunning the ads too!"- Erik_, Mon Jul 03 2023 12:09am
      • Oh wow, those sites look old - Puckdropper, Tue Jul 04 2023 2:58am
        No mega menus, no navigation, no high CPU usage. I do like their simplicity, though! Wasn't it neocities that intentionally tried to archive all of Geocities? (And isn't there a NE somewhere, too?) I've left notes for me and gone back and tried to understand them... sometimes it doesn't work... more
        • So much good/bad stuff from back then. - Erik_, Wed Jul 05 2023 2:28am
          I miss the days of people actually creating their own website/homepage. Just using QB as an example, there were so many random sites that had maybe a handful of programs someone wrote that aren't hosted anywhere else that have now been lost to the sands of time. We have but most of the time... more
          • Knowing you'll be left out of Google - Puckdropper, Wed Jul 05 2023 4:53pm
            and buried kills a lot of writing spirit. Everyone dreams of success in some form or another, it's rare that a site like NEMB survives with just two active people and another few that pop up every year or so. Hi Retna and Joe. I doubt you'll stumble on to Puckdropper's Place anywhere, even though... more
            • I didn't even think of that... - Erik_, Thu Jul 13 2023 9:05pm
              You're absolutely right. Back in the day, there was a decent chance to get new people finding your site via links or search engines. Now everything is condensed into Facebook, Reddit, discord, etc there's no chance really except for the few people who go out of their way to look. I know back when I... more
              • I'm now running an Ad on Facebook - Puckdropper, Sat Aug 05 2023 4:22am
                Trying to get more interested eyeballs on one of my models. We'll see if we get anything other than someone impersonating Facebook (uh "Meta") saying my page had been reported 7 times. (Funny, I reported the post to actual Facebook and they've left it up. I'm sure they would have taken it down by... more
                • A new retro web ring is a neat idea. - Erik_, Sun Aug 06 2023 1:27pm
                  This Retro Website Web Ring site owned by $site_name . Want to join the Retro Website Web Ring ? [ Previous 5 Sites | Skip Previous | Previous | Next | Skip Next | Next 5 Sites | Random Site | List Sites ] That would sort of be fun to throw together.... more
                  • Looks pretty easy, even for my rusty skills. - Puckdropper, Mon Aug 07 2023 3:58pm
                    All you need is a database or CSV file with websites. When they click the link, you move them on. A preview would be nice. Maybe not the picture preview common on most sites, but just the title of the next page. "Next: Pete's QB Site" "Previous: Nukem Enterprises" I'm paying them... They're... more
              • Remember the excitement of finding a cool new website? - Puckdropper, Mon Jul 17 2023 3:32pm
                Someone would come across NEMB and be like "Wow, this guy's got a lot of stuff! Maybe I should call in sick?" Social media could be great, but my Facebook is 1 non-ad post, 2 ad posts, and then a bunch of nonsense while random things from days ago or randomly selected (but useless) posts from a few... more
                • Yeah it was great when you found something cool - Erik_, Sat Jul 22 2023 3:24pm
                  Then spending the time checking out all the pages and usually saving the link somewhere to visit later again. Too bad a lot of times you end up finding a page and it was like 'wow I can't wait for this QB game to be released!' and then you see it hasn't been updated in a few years. Or worse, you find... more
                  • I can't remember the last really cool site - Puckdropper, Mon Jul 24 2023 6:52pm
                    I found. Well, it was probably Great for when you need information on the car, lots of discussion and minimal assorted junk. They saved me a few hundred dollars and weeks of down time by telling me which capacitors I needed to replace instead of having to take the car to the dealer for... more
                    • I'm worried will go away soon. - Erik_, Wed Jul 26 2023 11:32pm
                      They had the old flip phone mobile version of the site up and running up until they made the much hated API changes and silently killed it. It was pretty crap and I'm sure almost no one used it but it does seem to be completely dead now and redirects to the main site. Archive link as recent as 03/23:... more
                      • That's my worry too, but I do still see a lot of momentum - Puckdropper, Fri Jul 28 2023 5:03pm
                        on the old site. Is there a way to monetize things without ads or stupid gimmicks? Webapps do seem to be all the rage. I found one the other day that's a complete CAM program. (Takes a drawing and converts it to gcode.) Kiri:Moto. It was part of an open source package, so if I did really like... more
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