I'm not really sure what most sites do...
Tue Jul 04, 2023 3:08am

Imagine an automated script going through and updating posts. Update on edit could possibly send hundreds of messages in a short time.

I think most of the time a moderator needs to edit they probably don't want to draw extra attention to it. They're likely just removing something the site rules have banned.

  • Nope. No notification on editing. - Erik_, Thu Jun 29 2023 1:54am
    Though it can only be done manually by admins/moderators of the message board so it should be a rare occurrence. That's an interesting thought though. Some sort of notification along the lines of "Hey, just a heads up... someone messed with your post. You might want to go check out what they did $link".... more
    • I'm not really sure what most sites do...- Puckdropper, Tue Jul 04 2023 3:08am
      • Very good point. - Erik_, Wed Jul 05 2023 2:29am
        So it looks like leaving off any email updates on edits is the way to go.
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