That would be a good way to do it...
Wed Jul 05, 2023 4:12pm

As your core team sees more and more common modules being written or used, they look for things to add to the core extensions. In some cases, the developers would love to volunteer their code to the core extension team, under the same terms as the language itself. No conflicts, it's just a gift.

As far as implementation goes, you make sure your core extension code is as solid as primary code and tell people that core extension modules are preferred. You even make it easier to do it right than to do it wrong. Your compiler could download new core extension modules as it needs to or you can put them in a special place on disk. You also want to keep updates infrequent and interface changes not happening at all. That way your code written on PHP 5 and abandoned by the developers but there's too much data to risk migration to another platform can keep working. (Yeah, UCL's phpBB is way out of date.)

You're probably right. Android is fairly stable which was one of the things that Windows 9x didn't really have. An application crashing could take the whole system down. I rarely see that on Android (and apps are more stable, too). Come to think of it, NT's gotten so good I can't remember the last time I had to power off a PC to get back control of it. Android's been somewhat recent, maybe about 9 months?

Phones are getting ridiculously long, why not use some of that space for navigation? I can afford a little space for knowing how to get out of a very often used mAPP, like Google Maps. Sometimes... Ugh.

  • Re: Hopefully you'd start with a language core - Erik_, Tue Jun 27 2023 10:24am
    On that thought, it would be nice if there was some sort of monitoring (maybe there is for some languages?) that keeps track of libraries that are popping up by type. For example, if there's a ton of libraries added to the package manager repo for converting images to ASCII, maybe that feature should... more
    • That would be a good way to do it...- Puckdropper, Wed Jul 05 2023 4:12pm
      • Neither can just close. They go into that little mini window that you can move around the screen. I'm guessing so you can do other things while keeping it up on the screen. Which, sure, if I had a large screen that could work but when I'm looking at a tiny screen I don't think I've ever found those mini... more
        • Windowed content just doesn't work on Android. - Puckdropper, Wed Jul 26 2023 2:07pm
          The screens are all too small, and even for a smaller Windows Tablet, windows just don't really work. I ran everything maximized with 640x480 displays, even 1024x768. Although, by then you could conceivably have two windows open. Maps is especially inexcusable. I often use it for the hard parts,... more
          • Heck, I still run things full screen on 1440x900 - Erik_, Wed Jul 26 2023 5:58pm
            You hit the nail on the head with all your complaints for the small windowed apps. They're just not practical on screens that small and they most likely never will be unless they replace the all content of the window with a button to maximize the app. haha I'm so bad at touch screen/pad gestures. Just... more
            • What works really well is widgets. - Puckdropper, Fri Jul 28 2023 4:52pm
              Basically things designed to display content. Weather can be summed up in a little 1" square area, as can what music is playing, etc. But those things aren't intended for interaction, just display. I only use the touch pad when I can't avoid it. I got my first "modern" laptop with a touchpad for... more
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