Ok, Pentium Era
Wed Jul 05, 2023 4:22pm

Socket 5. I still have an old NEC Ready 7022 around here somewhere, I upgraded it from a 75 mHz CPU to it's max speed of 100 mHz. Now you can buy Arduino-style microprocessors that run faster.

Sometimes the age doesn't really make too much difference. The NVIDIA hybrid chip in this laptop is faster than the integrated Intel Graphics in a laptop that's 10 years younger. I feel the difference when I switch between the two.

  • More like a Pentium! - Erik_, Wed Jul 05 2023 2:39am
    According to Wikipedia ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pentium ) it was released on 03/22/1993. (I was thinking 486 myself) My laptop that I write all this on is about 10 years old and runs everything locally at or better than Heroku does. So the France server might actually be as slow as something... more
    • Ok, Pentium Era- Puckdropper, Wed Jul 05 2023 4:22pm
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