Single throw, through the branches right to it.
Wed Jul 05, 2023 11:07pm

It was incredible. He's been itching at getting a hold of that pumpkin since he could walk so it was just a matter of time before he got it.
You know how you can sometimes sense what your kid is thinking and what they're going to do (or try to do) a few seconds before they do it? This was one of those cases. I figured there was no way he was actually going to get the ball between all the branches and get to it though. How wrong I was. haha.

Yeah, I was happy to see how well the picture uploading still worked. I haven't used it in a while so it was nice to come back to it with an almost fresh set of eyes.

I think it's good enough that I could release it to other forums, I'm just worried about the can of worms that opens. Even though I'm not hosting any images on this site, I'm still nervous about allowing random people to attach images. I think maybe I'll have to wait until I decide if I want to require 'admin approval' before any new message boards can be made. I'm leaning towards requiring it anyway. (See email as to why)

  • A foam ball did that damage? Wow, kid's got great aim! - Puckdropper, Wed Jul 05 2023 3:52pm
    That's a great run for a pumpkin, especially considering the one we had dried up and shriveled to nothing in the basement over the course of a year. At least you found your silver lining... your pictures uploaded just fine. :-)
    • Single throw, through the branches right to it.- Erik_, Wed Jul 05 2023 11:07pm
      • You can definitely see determination on their faces! - Puckdropper, Mon Jul 17 2023 3:36pm
        And attraction. My second is great about letting you know what she wants, and she'll patiently go through the items on the table to tell you what she wants. Fries? No. Water? No. Hot Dog? Yeah! User submitted content is hard no matter what you do. I wouldn't be surprised to find someone has submitted... more
        • Same here or no just to no - Erik_, Sun Jul 23 2023 4:26pm
          Ex: Do you want a cookie? No. Are you sure? No. So you want a cookie? No. Okay I'm putting them away then. Coooookie!! There's definitely been generic vulnerability hunting scripts that hit this site constantly. Haven't seen anything specifically written for the site come in yet... At least nothing... more
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