It would seem that's the case.
Mon Jul 17, 2023 4:56pm

I have it currently set up to do 10 idle "still here" responses (I think 10...) before doing something else. Seems like it with usually make it to 10 but sometimes only to 8 or so before getting a 'BYE' response. Never the first couple so I think you're on to something with the server idling out of idle. ("C'mon dude! Disconnect already!")

  • It's probably idling out the IDLE - Puckdropper, Mon Jul 17 2023 3:42pm
    Some servers just don't want connections to be persistent so they'll kick them out, or the software will support say 256 simultaneous connections and the server will have to kick out someone when they get too many.
    • It would seem that's the case.- Erik_, Mon Jul 17 2023 4:56pm
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