Did you want cookie? "Yes" Then why not say so?
Mon Jul 24, 2023 6:35pm

I wouldn't think this site has enough traffic to make writing a specific exploit worth it. If you would see a specific exploit it's probably either by someone bored/learning or looking at a bigger attack. Attack NEMB because it might be trusted by it's host and now you've got privilege escalation? (Wow, I'm really not a security guy--I had to ask my spell checker how to spell "privilege escalation".)

  • Same here or no just to no - Erik_, Sun Jul 23 2023 4:26pm
    Ex: Do you want a cookie? No. Are you sure? No. So you want a cookie? No. Okay I'm putting them away then. Coooookie!! There's definitely been generic vulnerability hunting scripts that hit this site constantly. Haven't seen anything specifically written for the site come in yet... At least nothing... more
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