Windowed content just doesn't work on Android.
Wed Jul 26, 2023 2:07pm

The screens are all too small, and even for a smaller Windows Tablet, windows just don't really work. I ran everything maximized with 640x480 displays, even 1024x768. Although, by then you could conceivably have two windows open.

Maps is especially inexcusable. I often use it for the hard parts, like how to get to the Interstate. After that, I want it gone to not drain my battery. It's often used in the car by the driver, it should get out of the way as quickly as possible.

One thing we need is for the interfaces to be consistent. I'm often not sure what the triangle will do. Is it a back button? (That will close my widget?) Is it a menu close button? Why do developers hate the back button, anyway?

There are gestures. They're not exactly discoverable, though. It's like we've gone through the command line, to GUI, now we're building a GUI with the drawbacks and power of the command line: Bad discovery, but once you learn it's power it's powerful.

  • Neither can just close. They go into that little mini window that you can move around the screen. I'm guessing so you can do other things while keeping it up on the screen. Which, sure, if I had a large screen that could work but when I'm looking at a tiny screen I don't think I've ever found those mini... more
    • Windowed content just doesn't work on Android.- Puckdropper, Wed Jul 26 2023 2:07pm
      • Heck, I still run things full screen on 1440x900 - Erik_, Wed Jul 26 2023 5:58pm
        You hit the nail on the head with all your complaints for the small windowed apps. They're just not practical on screens that small and they most likely never will be unless they replace the all content of the window with a button to maximize the app. haha I'm so bad at touch screen/pad gestures. Just... more
        • What works really well is widgets. - Puckdropper, Fri Jul 28 2023 4:52pm
          Basically things designed to display content. Weather can be summed up in a little 1" square area, as can what music is playing, etc. But those things aren't intended for interaction, just display. I only use the touch pad when I can't avoid it. I got my first "modern" laptop with a touchpad for... more
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