That's my worry too, but I do still see a lot of momentum
Fri Jul 28, 2023 5:03pm

on the old site. Is there a way to monetize things without ads or stupid gimmicks?

Webapps do seem to be all the rage. I found one the other day that's a complete CAM program. (Takes a drawing and converts it to gcode.) Kiri:Moto. It was part of an open source package, so if I did really like it I could download the source and put it on my own internal webserver. I can't use software I don't control for drawing/3D Printer work.

  • I'm worried old.reddit.com will go away soon. - Erik_, Wed Jul 26 2023 11:32pm
    They had the old flip phone mobile version of the site up and running up until they made the much hated API changes and silently killed it. It was pretty crap and I'm sure almost no one used it but it does seem to be completely dead now and redirects to the main site. Archive link as recent as 03/23:... more
    • That's my worry too, but I do still see a lot of momentum- Puckdropper, Fri Jul 28 2023 5:03pm
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