I also have a squash!
Sat Aug 05, 2023 9:26pm

This one is even a bit more interesting. (I mean, what could POSSIBLY be more interesting than a mummified pumpkin?)

My mother in law gave it to us to cook back before Thanksgiving I think.. it might have been last summer.

Anyway, it's in our kitchen on the movable kitchen island and it has been since she gave up to us. I'm not sure how it's possible but the thing has never ripened and hasn't rotted at all. It looks more or less the same the whole time we've had it. I've been tempted to put it in the yard with "the pumpkin" but it's not rotten so I figured it can stay where it is.
I'll have to get a pic of it and post it.

You're probably right about the wind. It's been crazy windy here some days.

  • This is like the world's most unusual blog - Puckdropper, Sat Aug 05 2023 4:01am
    Old dead pumpkins... who'da thought I'd subscribe? Gravity did it. Maybe a bit of wind. We've had a few thunderstorms move through here, I'm sure you've seen a few too.
    • I also have a squash!- Erik_, Sat Aug 05 2023 9:26pm
      • Pic of the squash - Erik_, Sun Aug 06 2023 8:00am
        Ok, so maybe it does have a little discoloration here and there. Still solid though.
        • Cut off the bad spots and eat it before your - Puckdropper, Mon Aug 07 2023 3:52pm
          kid can through a foam ball at it! We had a watermelon go bad. It still looked ok on the outside, but as soon as mom cut into it it exploded.
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