Boredom. Like most things that happen on NEMB.
Sat Aug 12, 2023 3:32am

I was like "I wonder how far back this goes?" and kept searching until I found the end.

I guess sort by activity made it so we could see this thread. You'd have never known to go dig back about 33 pages and reply to this.... (:8

  • Holy KBZ! - Erik_, Wed Aug 09 2023 12:38pm
    What lead to this thread getting dug up? I agree that +/-5 min is good enough for most things but for appointments I feel like -5 min is fine but +5 min can be considered rude depending on the importance of the appointment (Even more so if the appointment is for you).
    • Boredom. Like most things that happen on NEMB.- Puckdropper, Sat Aug 12 2023 3:32am
      • Sort by activity and subscription email - Erik_, Sun Aug 13 2023 2:15am
        Ratted on you. I got the daily subscription email and was like "What is this replying to!?!" hahaha Those old 2004/2005 threads (the few that are there) I actually had to manually import from a wget dump I somehow still had floating around of the board from that time. I could get more from archive.org... more
        • 8th grade? Wow. I still remember the computer set up - Puckdropper, Mon Aug 14 2023 6:10am
          I had. I had a 386 or early Pentium (I never did seem to have many 486's), installed Linux, then typed "startx" to start xwindows. I waited and waited and then went to dinner. I think by the time I got done, it had only a gray background and the X mouse cursor. It was kinda a weird trip to be back... more
          • We had a PII 233Mhz Win95 computer at the time - Erik_, Tue Aug 15 2023 1:19am
            We upgraded from the 486 in late 97 to it. By 8th grade, the 486 was handed down to me and my main computer in my room. Never tried installing Linux on it. It's always had DOS 5.0 and Win 3.x. The PII computer though was my first Linux box once that got replaced by the Celeron Dell with XP as the family... more
            • It always amazed me at how - Puckdropper, Fri Aug 25 2023 5:51am
              bad XWindows was. Here was Windows 3.1 running quite happily on a 386 and Xwindows couldn't even start. The Linux idiots were all yapping about how resource friendly Linux was, too. At least Raspbian Desktop does run ok, but Windows 3.1 would run better at the screen resolutions some devices use!... more
              • I think it varied greatly on the Window Manager - Erik_, Wed Aug 30 2023 10:29am
                KDE and Gnome (to a lesser extent) were always very heavy. That's why back in the day I used PWM which was super bare bones and ran very nice on my 233MHz PII. But you're right, why do I have to be running the most basic Window Manager to get usable performance out of a PII when Windows 95 ran completely... more
                • I think I had to install xwindows from scratch - Puckdropper, Wed Aug 30 2023 4:58pm
                  I seem to remember playing with a few different distros back then, one called pygmy Linux, one was Slackware, then I gave up and stayed with Windows for a while. Debian or a Debian derivative seem to be my current favorite, but I honestly have no idea what derivative those Orange Pis are running. All... more
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