Usually I'm against browser sniffing
Wed Aug 30, 2023 5:03pm

but you know what? Web browsers and web development is a steaming pile of horse dung mixed with cow dung mixed with bird poop and I can't be bothered to care any more. Sniff the user-agent. We'll never have a web the works according to any published standard as long as Facebook and Google control things.

Ok, rant over.

Tables should work great. I'll look into adding those pages and putting an invite on UCL for anyone who still has an old computer site to join. I wonder if 386page.com is still up?

  • It's the real deal webring table - Erik_, Wed Aug 30 2023 9:59am
    directly from the 1999 Geocities version of NE. I even lifted some of the text and form fields from archive.org from the Qbasic Web Ring's website from back then for the website. I had to modify it a bunch but it was rooted there as a starting point. So old browsers should have no issues with it. I'll... more
    • Usually I'm against browser sniffing- Puckdropper, Wed Aug 30 2023 5:03pm
"Forces act when not restrained" - Puckdropper