This is the lube I've been using
Wed Sep 06, 2023 1:13am

It's called 'Tri-Flow Superior Lubricant'. I've used on my laptop fan as well that has a bearing going south. Worked really well. After two applications, it hasn't grinded since.

It would be nice if I could remove the old oil from the 1980s + my additions before putting more on... I'm just not sure how you could get in there to do that. I wonder if I could shoot it full of some aerosol contact cleaner like what I use on the ICs. That might get a decent portion of it cleared out... hm....

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  • Just like car oils, there's different grades - Puckdropper, Tue Sep 05 2023 4:50pm
    I have a few lubes I use for model trains, one's a sorta heavy one called Labelle 102 and the other is a thinner one, I think it's Labelle 107. You probably want the thinner one. However, if it's sticking because of the wrong lube it'd be good to clean off all the old lube before applying new. For... more
    • This is the lube I've been using- Erik_, Wed Sep 06 2023 1:13am
      • Is it a pretty thick oil? - Puckdropper, Wed Sep 06 2023 12:57pm
        Sometimes you want something pretty thin, especially for getting in to things. (That's something that WD-40 is really good at. It's just not good at staying there and lubricating.)
        • Its actually very thin - Erik_, Wed Sep 06 2023 11:05pm
          Almost has the consistency of gasoline.. smells terrible too. The 'PTFE' in the label is basically teflon. I looked up the wikipedia page and it looks like PTFE is also used in bearings so I guess it's the right stuff? My guess is that it's probably... more
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