There are script limits to help prevent mistakes
Sun Sep 10, 2023 2:04am

from doing that. Imagine, you're on a shared server and you can take down other sites by a simple infinite loop.

You can't access the includes directories now. I wonder if I should just upload a blank index page, too. That seems a little less server dependent.

I'm running the same code on the site updates script, so I updated that, too.

  • They sounds like a good idea - Erik_, Tue Sep 05 2023 5:54pm
    My worry would be either sone crawling bot or random person queuing up a bunch of parallel requests to the footer.php file directly and tanking the whole site. I wonder if it would tank NE and UCL as well? Probably, right? Are they all just sub dirs?
    • There are script limits to help prevent mistakes- Puckdropper, Sun Sep 10 2023 2:04am
      • Ah, makes sense. My host has them too. - Erik_, Mon Sep 11 2023 2:14pm
        Koyeb is way more strict than Heroku (probably free vs paid thing though). On the NE DiscApp Stats page, before I made a fix, I could cause the server to reboot on any export due to the memory spike it would cause. So, while it would protect everyone else on that shared server, if someone was to constantly... more
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