Image Attachment Test Forum

This is a test forum for the new beta image attachment feature for articles and replies. Please feel free to test the new feature out and post and issues you may find. Keep in mind, this forum is moderated.

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Posting is temporarily disabled while I work on some bug fixes.

 📌  Welcome to the image upload test forum! - Erik_Admin, Wed Jan 25 2023 7:50am
This is a sandbox forum used to test the new beta image upload feature. All images uploaded are stored on a third party image hosting service Imgur. The images are then linked to the post that they were uploaded from. To upload images, simply start a new thread and select an image to upload. After selecting, use the... more

Windows 95 Netscape Test - Erik_, Fri Jan 27 2023 5:38am
Testing uploading with Win95 and Netscape....